5 journal prompts for your mental health

Journaling enables us to express and process our emotions as well as our thoughts without judgment. However, the act of journaling is more difficult for some than others. If you’re interested in journaling but unsure where or how to start, mental health prompts can provide direction and offer health benefits,…

How to have a creative renaissance! (Even when you have artistic burnout. And kids. In a pandemic. When everything is awful.)

Stress, poor sleep, and a shortage of alone-time can all be creativity killers–and it’s a rare artist who doesn’t feel stuck, frustrated, or burnt-out right now.  But the creative brain is characterized by its ability to widen its perceptual field and invite new experiences. The creative brain draws meaning from…

Are you feeling lonely during social distancing? Goal-setting can help you overcome loneliness and find fulfillment

Amid COVID-19, many of us are experiencing feelings of loneliness, as we’re spending significantly less time with our friends, family, and others—and video chat only goes so far. Overcoming these lonely feelings is crucial to the state of your mental health, but doing so during social distancing is tough; this…

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