How to have a creative renaissance! (Even when you have artistic burnout. And kids. In a pandemic. When everything is awful.)

Stress, poor sleep, and a shortage of alone-time can all be creativity killers–and it’s a rare artist who doesn’t feel stuck, frustrated, or burnt-out right now.  But the creative brain is characterized by its ability to widen its perceptual field and invite new experiences. The creative brain draws meaning from…

Upbeat music can improve your workout (Video)

Upbeat music can improve your workout. This, according to researchers at the University of British Columbia. A group of 24 participants completed three 20-second sprints, with a two-minute rest in between, under three different conditions. During one workout, participants listened to motivational music, or music with a fast tempo; in…

Study Says Listening to Music During Workouts Reduces Focus, But Boosts Energy Levels and Enhances Enjoyment

A past study from Brunel University London showed that music enhances performance and creates feel-good vibes—but the brain mechanisms associated with listening to music during exercise aren’t as well-known. In the past, scientists couldn’t be so sure about their study results, as the experiments were conducted in a lab and…

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