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Election depression: Managing feelings of despair and hopelessness during and after the election

Election season is—and always has been—stressful. So stressful, in fact, that Couples Therapist Steven Stosny created the term “election stress disorder,” which describes a state of complete and utter stress caused by the election. Think: Smear campaigns on both sides of the political aisle, nonstop news alerts, social media feuds,…

Thriveworks Comes to Greensboro, NC: Quick, Flexible Online Counseling Options Offered During COVID-19

Greensboro, NC. September 14, 2020 —Thriveworks Counseling opens its newest office in Greensboro, NC to provide crucial mental health help and support during the pandemic. Currently, the office offers telephone counseling and video counseling session; they hope to open for in-person sessions soon. Thriveworks Counseling isn’t like other counseling practices….

Thriveworks Counseling Offers Online Counseling in Tampa, Determined to Meet Urgent Mental Health Needs Amid Pandemic

Tampa, FL. 09/08/20 — Thriveworks Counseling, a counseling practice with more than 130 locations across the country, opens for online counseling in Tampa, FL. These online counseling services meet urgent mental health needs amid Covid-19. Thriveworks Counseling isn’t like any other practice. It stands out by offering flexible scheduling options…