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Let’s hear it for the forest state of mind: Nature therapy and forest medicine 

The positive effects of nature on mental and physical health are well-documented. Captain Obvious says that’s because humans evolved outdoors, not indoors, for 99.9% of their time on Earth.  Virtual reality nature lacks the multisensory inputs (like soil, volatile organic compounds, and soundscapes) that people need to get the full…

Ring and Nextdoor: The good, the bad, and the gossip associated with neighborhood watch platforms 

Our mind’s eye often depicts suburban life as dreamy and picturesque—the epitome of the American dream.  While the ‘burbs have their perks, they also have their shortcomings: Many community issues are aired on neighborhood watch apps like Ring’s “Neighbors” and Nextdoor.  These platforms provide a virtual way for neighbors to…

Why do people like true crime before bedtime? Murder media as a psychological coping strategy

True crime documentaries, true crime podcasts, and other forms of murder media continue to be a growing obsession in the United States and beyond — especially among women. Murder media can have positive psychological effects on its mostly female audience, whether they’re motivated by hedonistic (pleasure-seeking) or eudaimonic (meaning-seeking) reasons….

Overcoming telephone phobia: When you jump through hoops to avoid “jumping on a call” 

People text more and make fewer voice calls than they did a decade ago. For some people, that reluctance to make and receive calls is caused by telephonophobia, or phone anxiety.  Phone calls can make people feel ambushed, trapped, or acutely self-conscious—but fortunately, there are different approaches that may help…

Post-pandemic parenting: Tips for socializing kids and encouraging personal growth in adolescents, teens

If you’re a parent, you’re probably wondering (and worrying about) how your kids are doing post-pandemic.  While virtual learning enabled kids to continue learning amid Covid-19, experts say they may need some extra time and space to re-adjust before they head back to the classroom.  Whether you have younger or…

Election depression: Managing feelings of despair and hopelessness during and after the election

Election season is—and always has been—stressful. So stressful, in fact, that Couples Therapist Steven Stosny created the term “election stress disorder,” which describes a state of complete and utter stress caused by the election. Think: Smear campaigns on both sides of the political aisle, nonstop news alerts, social media feuds,…

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