Bellevue Parenting

Thriveworks Relationship Counseling offers Parent Child Interaction therapy which is an intervention designed for families with children ages 2 to 7. PCIT focuses on reducing serious child behavioral problems, improving parenting skills and improving relationships. PCIT uses a concrete, skill-based approach to teach parents and children new and positive ways to relate to each other. In each session, I will coach each parent on interactions with their child.

PCIT is appropriate for parents/caregivers who are seeking better ways to manage their child’s behaviors, families where there has been a history of child abuse and neglect, families who have concerns about attachment problems and caregivers with children who have moderate to severe behavioral problems.

Over 30 published studies have documented the superiority of PCIT over other methods.

Outcome studies of PCIT have demonstrated important changes in parent-child interactional patterns. Findings have repeatedly shown significant changes with children’s behavior problems. After PCIT, children demonstrate significant improvements in compliance and reductions in other disruptive behaviors, such as whining. The effects of PCIT have been shown to generalize to untreated siblings.

Following PCIT, parent study’s show an increase in closeness where there are more frequent “positive talks” with their child. Outcome studies have also demonstrated significant changes on parents’ mood, as they are often no longer down, distressed, and feel that they are in control.

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