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Healthy Relationships Help Us Grow

Healthy relationships offer an avenue for a couple to grow and develop. As you and your partner practice the give and take needed for a vibrant relationship, you each learn how to share of yourself, how to be open and honest. A healthy relationship helps teach you the importance of service to someone else.

Ideally the longer you’re together, the better both of you become. These improvements from a robust relationship aren’t always obvious to outsiders, but your increased satisfaction with your partner, as well as the overall feeling of well-being you both share, provides you with a good indication of the state of your relationship.

Not Every Relationship is Healthy

Unfortunately, not all relationships provide the support and growth people desire. Some relationships are established with a weak foundation that prevents the couple from growing. Thriveworks couples counselors work with numerous individuals in Seattle WA, providing therapy for people struggling with all types of relationships.

Some relationships wander aimlessly, with neither participant having a desired direction. Couples in these meandering relationships may begin to seek fulfillment from other sources. Still others may find themselves in an unequal partnership, where one person’s desires and ideas dominate. This type of union provides little growth for either partner.

Even healthy relationships can develop unhealthy patterns. As life changes, a happy relationship may grow stagnant and lose some of the vigor it once had. Being able to identify the stresses that may undermine past achievements can help you restore your past joys.

Thriveworks Offers Skilled Couples Counselors

Thriveworks therapists and counselors in Seattle are trained professionals, and have aided other couples with some of the same challenges you may be facing. This education and experience can greatly benefit you as you work with us. We can use this knowledge to assist you in getting your relationship back on track.

Our relationship professionals honestly care about the health of your relationship. We want you to feel like your rapport with your partner is developing and growing, that the relationship the two of you possess contributes to your overall well-being. We work with you to create a healthier relationship that can provide the joy and happiness you seek.

Explore How We Can Help

You may feel confident that you and your partner are able to address the challenges you face. After all, you’ve been able to work through issues in the past. However, this may be problem the two of you can’t seem to solve. We encourage you; don’t wait until a minor irritant has become a major concern. Reach out to Thriveworks Seattle to learn what we can provide.

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