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Do You Have Questions About Depression Counseling? Counselors in Arlington, MA

If you’re experiencing depression, then therapy can be one of the most important parts of your overall treatment plan. Therapists can help you deal with the symptoms – and your feelings – revolving around your depression. They can also help you change certain behaviors that make your symptoms. Here are some of the most frequently wondered questions asked by people who are skeptical of depression counseling.

Isn’t therapy just talking about your problems?

If you’re assuming that Arlington, MA depression therapy involves simply talking about your problems, then you’ve got a little bit to learn. While that’s likely to be a part of your therapy, you may also be asked to do things like journaling, tracking moods, or increasing your social activity. In short, your counselor will work to find a comprehensive plan that teaches you to see things differently and to learn new ways to react to events in your life.

Doesn’t counseling just look at the past?

Arlington, MA depression counseling focuses on your life today. It deals with your issues, thoughts, and emotions. Sometimes looking at the past can provide critical clues as to what makes up what your life is today, but the primarily focus is on today and how you can deal with what you’re living with right now.

What exactly can depression therapy do?

Your counselor will help you understand the ins and outs of depression. They can help you create goals you’d like to achieve through your therapy and will then come up with a wellness plan with steps to reach those goals. They can help you learn new ways to deal with stress and they can help you make sense of traumas from your past. They can teach you to separate your actual personality from the mood swings that are common to people living with depression.

You’ll learn other things too, like how to understand triggers that can worsen your depression and you’ll begin to understand some of your behaviors and what you can do about that. At Thriveworks Arlington, MA Counseling & Coaching we’ll create a specific plan just for you.

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