Depression Therapy Services in the Woodlands, TX—Therapists Specializing in Depression

Depression Therapy Services in The Woodlands, TX—Therapists Specializing in Depression

If someone asked, “How are you?”, what would you say? Most of us would say, “Oh I’m doing fine, how are you?” or something along those lines—even when this isn’t true. If you’re struggling with depressive thoughts or feelings, the honest response probably looks more like this:

  • “Not well. I feel sad and disconnected.”
  • “I’ve been better. I’m not really feeling like myself at the moment.”
  • “Really bad. I feel depressed, disengaged, and overall unhappy.”

Depression is ruthless. Symptoms can vary from person to person, but they all make day to day functioning difficult and unpleasant, from diminished appetite to trouble sleeping, general disinterest, withdrawal from others, fatigue, and more. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s important that you seek help and support from a mental health professional. Therapy proves to be an effective treatment option for those with depression, and Thriveworks Counseling in The Woodlands, TX has depression therapists who can help you now.

Depression lies. It tells you you’ve always felt this way,

and you always will. But you haven’t, and you won’t.”

–Halley Cornell

Thriveworks counselors and therapists have helped many people with depression (much like you); they’ve helped them understand underlying causes, manage symptoms, and pull themselves out of their depressive state. If you’re struggling with symptoms of depression, our providers would love to help you, too. To schedule a depression therapy appointment, all you have to do is contact our office. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Why Is Depression Therapy Effective? How Does It Work?

As we mentioned above, a depression therapist can help you dig into potential causes (which we’ll discuss more later), manage your specific symptoms, and get to a happier, healthier place again. Now, the exact course of therapy for depression can vary from one person to the next. Why? Because treatment is created on an individual basis to be sure that the particular individual’s needs are met. Here’s how you can expect your experience at Thriveworks in The Woodlands, TX to go:

  • You will discuss how you’ve been feeling with your counselor
  • They will ask questions to best understand what you’re going through
  • Your counselor will then design your course for treatment
  • You’ll meet with your counselor on a regular basis; in each session, they will use therapeutic techniques to help you
  • They might even work a self-care plan into treatment

Your counselor might also talk to you about the possibility of taking antidepressants or another medication that helps people manage their depression. Again, this will depend on your specific needs and perhaps your response to therapy.

Why Do I Feel Like This? Causes of Depression

Unfortunately, there is no one cause of depression. This can make understanding why one feels depressed difficult if there is no obvious trigger. That said, here are a few common causes of and contributors to depression:

  1. It’s in your genes. If your immediate family members (like your parents and/or siblings) have suffered with depression before, you’re at a greater risk of experiencing it yourself. A family history of depression is much like a family history of heart disease. Fortunately, in these instances, you know that you’re at greater risk and can therefore do your due diligence in maintaining a happy, healthy mind.
  2. You’re in an unhealthy environment. Our environment has a huge effect on our health and happiness, wouldn’t you agree? For example, if you and your spouse are in an unhappy relationship and you live together, this will take a toll on your mental health. Similarly, if you experience a traumatic event or the loss of a loved one, your mind enters an unhealthy spot and you are at a greater risk of developing depression.

The above might explain why you’re feeling down and depressed—or, it might now. Again, sometimes it’s difficult to pinpoint why someone develops depression. The good news, though, is that regardless of what has caused you to feel this way, Thriveworks Counseling in The Woodlands, TX can help you get to a better place.

Get Depression Help at Thriveworks Counseling in The Woodlands, TX

If you’re interested in depression help, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Counseling in The Woodlands, TX. We have providers on staff who have the experience, skills, and training specific to helping people manage their depression. We’ll set you up with one of these depression specialists when you call to set up your appointment.

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