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Did you know that anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the United States? Around 40 million adults in America battle anxiety each year. That’s 18% of the population. Sadly, less than 40% of adults don’t get the much-needed help they deserve. Why is that the case? Maybe you are battling anxiety but don’t know what the signs and symptoms are. Maybe you know you have anxiety but can’t get in to see a therapist, counselor, or psychologist.  Maybe you think that you have it all under control. Whatever the reason may be, it’s valuable to understand and recognize when you or someone you know is suffering from an anxiety disorder. The sooner you get the help you need, the sooner you can live a less stressful, more relaxed life.

People become attached to their burdens sometimes more than the burdens are attached to them.” – George Bernard Shaw

When you are struggling with anxiety, normal activities may become very difficult for you. Here at Thriveworks The Woodlands Counseling, our team of anxiety therapists can help you learn how to manage your symptoms so you can perform normal activities without being held back. If you or a loved one is struggling to manage anxiety or feel like you could benefit from working with a licensed counselor or therapist, consider working with us. To get started, just give us a call and one of our scheduling specialists will connect you with a trusted mental health professional as soon as possible.

Anxiety Disorders – Symptoms and Causes

Anxiety is widespread. In fact, everyone experiences it from time to time. It’s what you feel when you’re running late for work and you’re worried about getting in trouble. It’s also what you might feel when your partner sends you the “we need to talk” text. It’s when your anxiety becomes excessive and begins to negatively affect your life that it becomes a serious problem.

Sometimes it is easy to pinpoint why we may experience excessive anxiety while other times it feels random. Different causes and risk factors for anxiety disorders include genetics, environmental factors, medical conditions, behavioral choices, work environments, demographics, and more. Regardless of the type of anxiety disorder you have, there are also common denominator symptoms, which are:

  • Excessive or uncontrollable worry
  • Nausea
  • Racing thoughts
  • Trembling
  • Impending doom or dread
  • Lack of focus
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive sweating

If you are presenting any of the above symptoms, be sure to reach out and get the treatment that you need. At Thriveworks The Woodlands Counseling, we can not only help you not only learn how to identify stressors but can help you manage symptoms before they arise.

What Are Anxiety Disorders?

 There are many different anxiety disorders that can be split up into three different categories: anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and trauma and stressor-related disorders. Here are some of the more common anxiety disorders:

  1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD): This disorder is characterized by excessive, uncontrollable worry or fear over different events and activities. This disorder can interfere with someone’s work, school, and personal lives.
  2. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): PTSD is brought on by a specific traumatic event or experience that caused a great deal of stress. This can include death, car accidents, combat, assaults, and more.
  3. Panic Disorder: This is when someone experiences sudden feelings of panic, generally out of the blue, which includes extreme worry and fear. Some say that panic attacks feel like heart attacks.
  4. Specific Phobia: Specific phobia is an anxiety disorder that stems from an irrational fear. For example, some people have specific phobias over animal types, storms, heights, airplanes, enclosed spaces, loud noises, or receiving a shot.

There are many other types of anxiety disorders that you could be experiencing. The most important thing to do is to see a counselor who can diagnose, treat, and help you manage what you are facing. Luckily, Thriveworks The Woodlands therapists can help you do all three.

Therapy for Anxiety Disorders  

Our counselors, therapists, and psychologists are highly skilled and trained in treating different types of anxiety. They are equipped with a multitude of treatment methods and options to help you achieve your goals. They’ll sit down with you and perform an assessment during your first sessions in order to come up with a unique plan of care based on your needs. Then, they can use a variety of different treatment methods to help you, including:

Cognitive-behavioral methods, establishing routines, possible use of medication, play therapy for children, gradual exposure therapy, interpersonal therapy, and more.

Choose Thriveworks The Woodlands, TX for Anxiety Therapy  

Here at Thriveworks in The Woodlands, we are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional, well-rounded care that exceeds their expectations. We understand how important it is to receive the help and guidance you need when you need it. That’s why we do not operate with a waitlist and can often get our clients into a session within 24 hours of their initial call. We also offer both in-person and online counseling.

Ready to get started? Call (281) 667-9790 and one of our scheduling specialists will assist you. You can also schedule your appointment online through our online booking system. We look forward to helping you take back your life!

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