Work with a Psychologist in Toms River, NJ

Work with a Psychologist in Toms River, NJ

Here are the facts:

  • 43.8 million adults experience mental illness in a given year — that’s one in five adults
  • 16 million American adults live with major depression
  • 42 million American adults live with anxiety disorders
  • Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide

Life gives us a host of challenges every day. Sometimes we meet those challenges head-on and continue with our day. Sometimes we don’t realize we’ve been challenged because we already have the coping skills and tools to handle many situations. The above statistics undeniably demonstrate that many of us are hit with blows we either didn’t expect or aren’t fully prepared to manage effectively.

Maybe you have persistent anxiety due to a significant life change. Perhaps you have overwhelming feelings of helplessness or hopelessness. Or maybe the thought of going into a crowded building has you avoiding public places or family gatherings. For some, overcoming these thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can be too much to deal with independently. If this describes you, it may be time to reach out to a licensed Thriveworks psychologist trained and experienced in helping people overcome these and many other issues so they can live happier, healthier lives. To schedule an appointment at Thriveworks Counseling in Toms River, NJ, just call our office.

How a Psychologist Can Help

Psychologists have the professional training and experience to help people learn to cope with various issues, including mental health illnesses and challenges. Psychologists with advanced degrees (PhD, PsyD, or EdD) receive one of the highest education levels within the healthcare profession. They use therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), talk therapy, or a combination of different therapy styles to help individuals, couples, or families.

Psychologists can help people:

  • Learn to cope with stress and stressful situations
  • Overcome addictions
  • Manage chronic illness
  • Understand more about how they think, feel, and behave
  • Improve their lives and relationships
  • Cope with major life transitions

If you don’t see your issue or illness listed above, that’s okay. Our psychologists have the training and ability to help clients with various life issues, including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and other mental health concerns.

Can a Psychologist Prescribe Medication?

Psychologists focus extensively on therapy and treating mental illnesses. They can also conduct psychological testing, which helps assess someone’s condition and recommend treatment programs; however, they are not medical doctors and do not prescribe medication.

Psychiatrists, on the other hand, attend medical school and receive training in general medicine. After assessing a patient’s condition, a psychologist may work closely with a primary care doctor and a psychiatrist to treat patient symptoms with medicine, if medication is a part of a treatment program.

Next Steps: Work with a Psychologist at Thriveworks Counseling in Toms River, NJ

Millions of people experience unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors every day. You could be one of them — searching for answers, seeking change, looking for help. Help is here for you with a Thriveworks psychologist. Clients may often have an in-person or online appointment within 24 hours, and we offer flexible scheduling options to fit your needs. If you’re ready to work with a psychologist, just give us a call or take advantage of our online booking portal.

We look forward to helping you. Let’s thrive together.

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Robin is incredible. She is kind, compassionate, empathic, and extremely patient. She provided me with a safe environment that allowed me to vent comfortably. Robin was extremely helpful and provided me with excellent coping mechanisms that I will carry and use daily. She is truly extraordinary!
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Trusting and easy going!

Robin made me feel so comfortable and it was easy to ease into change.
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Truly the best of the best!

Thriveworks is great and really cares for clients, I fully recommend them! And I honestly cannot say enough good things about Sharon Ryan. I never feel wrong, crazy, or judged while speaking with her. She is so comforting and provides excellent, accurate insights. I really appreciate her interest and understanding as well as her flexibility for appointments. I’ve been struggling with losing interest in hobbies that I once loved. With Sharon’s help, I’ve developed new interests I’ve always wanted to try and expanded my horizons. Thank you so much, truly, from the bottom of my heart!
Thriveworks Counseling Toms River

Worth checking out!!

I recommend checking out Thriveworks to find a mental health care provider that can suit your needs. The owners are sweet, genuine people who make it their mission to help others by connecting therapists and those who want a little guidance. Your mental health is important (especially these days) and you don't need to being in a crisis to see a therapist! In fact, its better to seek out a therapist before you can't cope on your own.
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