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Your career is thriving, and yes, you are logging more than 40 hours at the office each week, but you are reliable. Coworkers turn to you with problems to solve, and it is paying off. After several promotions, you are now positioned to move up into an executive role within the next year. One thing keeps nagging you though: work-life balance is getting more difficult to maintain.

Maybe you can relate to these situations:

  • After the birth of your first child, your priorities and feelings have changed.
  • An aging parent needs more and more care from the family.
  • Health problems are forcing you to slow down and re-evaluate.
  • You love the work, but the stress is taking a toll. You are having trouble sleeping and have not taken a vacation in three years.
  • Your teen is struggling and needs more of your time.

A lot of people find managing a growing career and their personal responsibilities a challenge. Most people cannot dedicate all their time to their jobs or their families, but integrating the two often means people have to make tough choices. To help them navigate these tricky situations, many people are also working with life coaches.

If you have ever wanted help prioritizing all the responsibilities on your plate or if you have ever wanted a sounding board for how to handle dicey situations at work and at home, then consider working with a life coach. Many people work with life coaches to plot a course toward a healthy work-life balance and career success.

Thriveworks Sterling has life coaches who understand what it takes for personal and professional growth. We have worked with many clients to identify and implement strategies that capitalize on people’s strengths while fortifying their weaknesses as they reach equilibrium in their lives.

Life Coaching: Identifying Talents, Strengths, and Priorities

A big aspect of life coaching is helping people grow in self-awareness. When people understand their talents, strengths, priorities, and goals, then they can make better decisions. Often, a more clear path appears through this process of self-discovery.

One methodology life coaches often employ to aid in this process is called “The Miracle Question.” When people answer the miracle question, they reveal their priorities and goals in life.

There are various forms of the miracle question, but they all ask clients to suspend reality and dream. Examples of miracle questions may include,

  • What would your dream career be? If you had any education and any opportunity available, what would you choose?
  • Where would you choose to live if you could reside anywhere?
  • What kind of friends would you choose if you could build a friendship with anyone? What qualities would you look for? What activities would you pursue?
  • If budget were not an issue, where would you take a vacation? How long would you stay? What would you want to do during that time?

Think about these questions for a moment. All too often, stress, financial challenges, illness, transitions, and other urgent matters push dreams to the side. Unfortunately, in the process, people also lose sight of what they value and enjoy—what they really want to accomplish in life and what really makes them happy.

Why Start Life Coaching?

Everybody has a general idea of what they might like to achieve in life. However, translating general dreams into defined goals with actionable steps is a different story. The point of the miracle question and of self-discovering is to translate dreams into reality. That is where life coaching can be helpful. The life coaches at Thriveworks Loudoun County have helped many clients face their futures with confidence, overcome distractions, and reach their goals.

Life coaches work with people who want to achieve a variety of goals in their personal or professional life. For example, the life coaches at Thriveworks Sterling have worked with people who…

  • Want it all. Many people want the successful career, the big family, the packed travel schedule. They may also discover that having it all may also mean having a significant amount of anxiety and stress. Life coaches can help these clients find ways to manage their anxiety or way to reprioritize having it all but maybe not all at once.
  • Are facing a difficult transition. Many people are also navigating a new and different life than they ever imagined. Maybe they were laid off after 20 years with their company… maybe they are making their way after a divorce… these new realities can be difficult to navigate. Life coaches can steer people toward the next steps that may be most beneficial as they move forward.
  • Have a specific goal that always seems out of their reach. Many people know what they want to achieve, but they are having difficulty reaching that destination. They are motivated; however, they need someone with expertise to guide the process. Life coaches can often provide that expertise and support needed.

Life Coaches at Thriveworks Loudoun County, VA

If you are ready to meet with a life coach, know that not all people who call themselves a “life coach” are the same. Anyone can call themselves a life coach because there is no educational or professional development program for the industry. However, every life coach at Thriveworks Sterling is also a professionally licensed mental health counselor. They have the training and the expertise their clients need, and our office has appointments available for life coaching.

When you contact Thriveworks Sterling, know that many new clients see their coach within 24 hours. We also accept most forms of insurance, and evening and weekend appointments are available.

Contact Thriveworks Sterling today.

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