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Online Therapy in Reston, VA—Fairfax Therapists and Counselors

Online counseling is not a new concept, but it is growing in popularity as people discover this convenient approach to counseling. This convenience, as well as the comfort and reliability that online counseling offers, are some of the primary benefits that make online counseling an appealing option! In addition, online counseling allows people to keep their identity anonymous if they so choose. This would mean choosing phone counseling over videoconference counseling. Online therapy offers all of these benefits without sacrificing any of the meaningful work people achieve in in-person counseling.

Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”

–Henry David Thoreau

On top of the benefits we just mentioned, online therapy is reliable. When it comes to in-person counseling, sometimes the unknown and the unpredictable gets in our way. For example, we’ve scheduled our appointment and done everything right, but then road work, bad weather conditions, or an out-of-the-blue sickness hinders our ability to make it to our session. With online counseling, you typically don’t have to worry about these obstacles (which means that you also don’t have to go through the trouble of rescheduling).

Are you looking for Fairfax therapy or counseling? Thriveworks Reston, VA is proud to offer the convenient option of online counseling. Our team of online therapists want to help you attain the mental health services you’re searching for. If you think that online counseling could help you find the solution to your problems, reach out to Thriveworks Reston now. We’re happy to get to work as soon as you are ready. Just call (703) 348-5217 and we’ll get you scheduled.

Who Can Benefit from Online Counseling Therapy?

Here at Thriveworks Reston, we’re confident that everyone can find value in counseling. We also know that there are obstacles that make receiving the mental health services they’re looking for difficult. These obstacles can include fear, stigma, inaccessibility, and scheduling conflict. The good news is that online counseling can help solve all of these problems. So, if you believe that you could benefit from working with a therapist and are open to doing so over the phone or via videoconference, consider meeting with an online counselor at Thriveworks Reston, VA.

To gain a better understanding of whether or not online counseling is the right counseling option for you to explore, consider the following:

  1. Sam is looking for a female counselor who specializes in anxiety therapy and has scheduling options available on the weekends. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had any luck on her search and is beginning to feel discouraged—she wonders if she needs to change her preferences, but then she stumbles upon an online counseling service. This online counseling service allows Sam to find the perfect therapist for her, one who meets all of her needs.
  2. Jacob has done all of the research he can on online counseling. He feels sure that working with a counselor could help him clear some personal hurdles, but he also worries about the judgment of his family members. He’d prefer to keep his decision to work with a counselor to himself, at least at the beginning stages. But if he goes to the local therapist, he risks being seen in public and someone mentioning it to his loved ones. Fortunately, Jacob discovers an online counseling service with licensed, qualified counselors. He schedules an appointment immediately and begins working with his counselor over the phone.

Do either of these scenarios resonate with your current situation? Are you struggling to find a counselor who checks all of the boxes that you’re looking for? Are you ready to embark on your counseling journey, but you want to keep this important and personal decision to yourself? Online counseling at Thriveworks Reston in Fairfax, VA could be a great option for you.

Schedule Online Therapy Counseling at Thriveworks Reston, VA

Online therapy is not a new approach to counseling, but it is a convenient and an effective approach to counseling. If you are ready to experience all of the benefits that come with online therapy, reach out to Thriveworks Reston, VA today. Our counselors in the Fairfax area are fully prepared to help you.

To schedule your online counseling appointment, simply give us a call at (703) 348-5217. You could meet with your online therapist as soon as today or tomorrow.

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