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When you first started dating, life with your partner was magical, and early on, you thought that it would last forever. But life happens and within a few months or years, making the magic last turned out to be harder than you ever expected.

Fun and exciting relationships can turn into boring routines. Passionate love can turn into passionate miscommunications. Sometimes, lies, cheating, or unkind behavior breaks down trust completely and harms each individual’s mental health. No matter how perfectly they begin, every relationship faces difficulties. If you are facing a strained relationship with your significant other, how can you get the magic back?

The best thing to do is reach out for help, and many relationships have found the help they need through couples and marriage counseling at Thriveworks Reston, VA. The counselors and psychologists at Thriveworks in Fairfax are ready with their knowledge and expertise. We don’t keep wait-lists, but work to schedule our clients quickly and at a convenient time for them.

Renewing the Magic

Relationships face countless difficulties.

Sometimes, couples can’t get on the same page about a particular problem:

  • where to go on vacation…
  • how much money to spend on family gifts…
  • what parenting techniques to use…

There is always something to fight about. There’s always tension swirling about. Maybe bickering and nagging have become constant and normal.

Sometimes, there is no particular problem, but the joy and fun have filtered out of the relationship. Instead of living together, you are existing together. Instead of living connected lives, you are living parallel lives.

With today’s high rates of divorce and break-ups, families are torn apart and individuals experience deep pain when relationships end. What is supposed to be a place of safety, joy, and love becomes a source of hurt, miscommunication, and sadness. Often, the unhappiness comes about through mundane, simple things that have underlying meaning.

But what if the break-ups and divorces were avoidable? What if you and your partner had the skills to identify and solve the problems in your relationship? So many people want to have a healthier relationship, but do not know how.

The counselors at Thriveworks Reston, VA in Fairfax work with all kinds of relationships. They are trained for marital and relational issues and are ready to help.

If you are experiencing relational difficulty with your partner, consider seeking help sooner rather than later. Unhealthy, unhappy relationships can cause stress that has a negative impact on you individually. Furthermore, the sooner couples seek help for relational problems, the better outcomes they experience.

How Can We Help?

Many couples want to renew the magic they once had and bring life and energy back to their lives together. What would that look like? How can Thriveworks Reston, VA help?

  • Improving Communication: so many couples love each other and respect each other. They want to work together well, but have difficulty communicating through their different personalities or perspectives on life. Thriveworks counselors know what healthy, fruitful communication looks like; they help couples build new listening and communications skills; they create exercises so that couples can practice and live with healthy communication.
  • Identifying Root Problems: many problems are linked to a particular event or pattern within your relationship that can cause residual harm. When did the difficulty in the relationship start? Is there individual work each person needs that would help the relationship? How does your own family history impact how you relate to your partner? Thriveworks counselors are trained to guide couples through underlying issues that may be causing problems in their relationship. Instead of falling into these old, harmful habits, couples can pursue new, healthy ways of relating.
  • Increasing Respect: Some relationships face a total breakdown of respect wherein one or both partners have lied, cheated, or harmed the other in some way. In these cases, therapists may work to unearth the feelings behind these disrespectful actions and the difficult feelings that arise in response to them. Thriveworks counselors may assign homework that rebuilds trust and respect.

Living with a difficult relationship? Seek help now.

Thriveworks Reston, VA in Fairfax has appointments available. We work with your schedule to see you as soon as possible because we don’t like making our customers wait. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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