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Chet loves his family. Having lived in San Antonio most of their lives, they grew up going to Fiesta events, shopping at H-E-B, watching Spurs games, and spending the weekends barbecuing. 

But when his mom passed away several months ago, it was as though a hole was torn through the family, leaving behind a gap that couldn’t be filled. And although Chet is close with his brothers and sisters, he knows no one wants (or knows how) to talk about the grief they’re experiencing. But instead of holding it in, Chet thinks grief counseling could offer him a healthier outlet. 

Maybe like Chet and his siblings, you’ve experienced a loss of some kind, and life afterward has felt anything but normal. At Thriveworks San Antonio, TX we offer grief counseling on an individualized basis. Talk to a professional who can offer real results and positive healing strategies—choose a grief therapist at Thriveworks San Antonio, TX.  

Do I Need grief counseling?

Ultimately, the decision to seek out grief counseling (or grief therapy, as it’s referred to interchangeably) will be up to you in most cases. However, there are several advantages to consider when comparing grief counseling services to struggling with your loss alone. 

For starters, some of the most difficult aspects of the greving process includes the intense emotions that typically follow. grief counseling can assist you in working through: 

  • Sadness and apathy: Losing someone or something you love can make even getting out of bed difficult. grief counseling can help you cope. 
  • Anger and frustration: When you’re suffering from grief, you might become angered at all the ways the loss might never have happened, if only “x,y,z” never occurred. With a grief therapist’s assistance, you can analyze the situation from multiple angles, learning to forgive yourself and others in the process. 
  • Fatigue and difficulty sleeping: Grief affects our body, as well as our mind. It’s not uncommon to suffer from insomnia, or even hypersomnia. But with a therapist’s help, you can learn to unwind before bed, so that you are more prepared to tackle the next day’s challenges successfully. 
  • Denial: One way our minds might try to process our loss is to deny that it has even occurred—but this doesn’t work forever. And the longer this stage of the grieving process goes on, the harder it is to move forward. grief counseling can assist you in processing your grief at your own pace, while still helping you to remain grounded in reality. 

How Does Grief Counseling Work?

grief counseling isn’t a single therapeutic approach. It’s a set of associated counseling methods that target and treat different aspects of grief and loss. At Thriveworks San Antonio, your grief therapist may utilize one or more of the following grief counseling methods in your sessions, including: 

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) aims to help you process your loss, evaluate its impact and the healthy changes required in your life afterward, and helps you commit to staying on track in order to heal. 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)  is one of the most popular forms of therapy for a wide variety of conditions and concerns. CBT helps you to identify and change unconscious and unconscious thought patterns that can negatively influence your behavior and emotions when you’re grieving. 
  • Family or Group Therapy is carried out in a group setting. This type of therapy is helpful for families, coworkers, or friends who are experiencing a shared loss or tragedy, and allows for greater discussion—while reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness. 
  • Art Therapy: Art therapy uses creative forms to express your emotions and promotes healing. It can be helpful to people of all ages, including children, who may struggle to communicate their feelings.

Advantages to Online Grief Counseling

Online grief counseling can offer numerous advantages compared to in-person sessions. And at Thriveworks San Antonio, TX we offer both. Online grief counseling with one of our providers may be more appealing for those who: 

  • Have busy schedules
  • Need to stay home to watch their kids or elderly relatives
  • Frequently travel
  • Have health restrictions that affect their mobility
  • Are attending group therapy sessions with multiple family members or loved ones

If you’re interested in online grief counseling at Thriveworks San Antonio, TX, we encourage you to reach out. Easy, accessible, and convenient, online therapy might be the mental health solution you need to feel your best once more. 

Is There Grief Counseling in San Antonio, TX?

We offer grief counseling from some of the industry’s very best—and we look forward to helping you process grief and loss from the very first session. Reach out by phone, or head online to get scheduled easily.

And when you sign up with Thriveworks San Antonio, TX, you’ll get access to client benefits that other providers typically struggle to match, such as: 

  • We make therapy and psychiatry affordable—we’re in network with insurance
  • Compassionate care from experts in the mental health field
  • Schedule your session easily over the phone with our support team
  • Meet with a therapist in person at our San Antonio, TX office today—or online, with virtual video therapy options 
  • Get high-quality therapy and psychiatry from expert mental health professionals

Grief counseling can offer you real results, from a human being with years of experience and the compassionate skills required to guide you. If you’re ready, Thriveworks San Antonio, TX offers a path forward in the face of a devastating loss. 

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