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Being in a relationship means there will be drama. VH1’s show Couples Therapy capitalizes upon the drama in celebrity relationships. Every season, six couples work with relationship experts and go to couples counseling, trying to save their relationship. Viewers tune in to see which couples will split and which will stick together. Even though the show tailor made for theatrics, it gets some things about being a couple right. First, whether the partners are B-list celebrities or not, every couple has challenges. It is normal to struggle in a relationship. Hitting a rough patch does not mean that the relationship has to end—which leads to the second truth the show highlights: many couples could benefit from couples therapy. More and more, partners are willing to reach out for help when their relationship is experiencing difficulty, and they are reaping the rewards of couples counseling.

Every couple has highs and lows in their relationship. That loving communication, appreciation, and understanding are more easily described than carried-out in real life. When couples find themselves off-track, it does not mean the relationship is over. It often means that the couple just needs a little help. When trust has been lost, partners may be able to rebuild it. When couples are pulling in different direction, they can re-evaluate their priorities. When intimacy has been lost, that spark can be reignited. Couples therapy is not a magic formula to save a relationship, but it often helps. Skilled therapists can often turn challenges into opportunities for partners to grow closer to each other.

That is why Thriveworks San Antonio offers couples therapy. Many partners who want a better relationship do not always know how to improve their connection. Our therapists have helped many couples learn how to improve their relationship.

Common Relational Difficulties

There is rarely a couple who sits down with a therapist and presents a new difficulty. Most couples struggle with very similar issues. That means, couples are not alone in their struggle. Therapists are often able to help, when both partners are willing. What are some of the challenges that couples regularly face? It would be impossible to list everything, but a few include…

Arguments about Extended Family – Some of the funniest movies and TV shows have used issues with the in-laws as fodder. It is absolutely cliché to say that extended family can drive a wedge between partners, but clichés always have an element of truth to them. Practically, couples may argue about where to spend holidays and with whom, but underneath that argument, there is a lot to work out about what role each other’s family will play. Couples therapists can often guide partners through that process.

Conflicting Relational Expectations – No two people align perfectly. Partners will disagree about expectations within the relationship. When each partner is respectful of the other’s vantage point, these differences can be reconciled. However, partners often have difficulty doing so. When one partner has certain expectations and the other partner has different expectations, they are each pulling the relationship toward distinct goals, and they will conflict. Couples counselors often work with partners on healthy conflict resolution skills.

Challenges with Communication – Personal responsibility, vulnerability, and empathy are key components of healthy communication. Many partners, however, have never learned these communication skills. Further, many circumstances can make healthy communication more difficult. When one or both partners’ needs are minimized, feelings go unexpressed, or problems begin to multiply, poor communication is often the underlying issue. Couples therapists often work with partners to increase their communication skills.

Distrust – Certain actions can annihilate trust within a relationship—cheating or lying, for example. Other actions slowly chip away at trust—forgetting an appointment or not following through on a promise, for example. In both cases, relationships need trust to grow and to continue. If partners are willing, trust can be restored, but it is a difficult process. Experienced couples counselors can often guide the process.

Lost Intimacy – Every couple loses their spark at some point. Sometimes, that intimacy is their physical and sexual relationship, but intimacy can also be social, spiritual, emotional, and more. Intimacy is simply how a couple comes together in a meaningful way. Couples therapists often work with partners on how to prioritize their intimacy.

Couples Counseling at Thriveworks San Antonio

If you can relate to some of these common issues that couples struggle with, it may be time to reach out for help. Relationships are difficult. There are never easy answers, but there are many tangible ways couples therapy may be able to help. Two of those ways include…

  • De-escalating the conflict. When partners are struggling, they can begin to attack each other instead of the problem. When conflict escalates, it becomes more difficult to solve. Couples counselors can often de-escalate conflict and focus partners’ attention upon what matters most.
  • Prioritizing which changes will help the couple most. Some changes will make a big impact and should be made immediately. Others are important, but they can wait. Experienced couples counselors can help couples see the difference.

If you want to start couples therapy, know that Thriveworks San Antonio has appointments available. When you contact our office, you may be meeting with your therapist the following day. Many different insurance plans are accepted. Call today.

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