Career Counseling in Round Rock, TX—Counselors and Therapists

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Career Counseling in Round Rock, TX—Counselors and Therapists

Besides family, there is nothing more important in most people’s lives than their career. It affects finances, lifestyle, and self-image. A person’s job situation may also cause considerable problems. Unemployment, career transitions, and job stress can have a negative impact on physical and emotional health. That is when you need to contact a counselor at Thriveworks Round Rock. Our trained clinicians will help you cope effectively with career-related problems. Let’s examine some of the career issues that someone might need to address and how a counselor can help you achieve your goals.

Choosing a Career

Choosing which career you pursue is a life-changing decision. Once you are on a career path it can be difficult to switch gears. Such an important choice requires considerable deliberation and objective analysis. A counselor can help you explore the merits and drawbacks of a certain career. They also act as an unbiased sounding board for anticipated career decisions.

Changing Careers

The decision to switch careers is not an easy one. You have likely spent considerable time and effort in pursuing one career already. You may question whether or not you should leave a job and seek confirmation as to your next move. Let’s face it, the grass often looks greener on the other side even when it isn’t. Counselors can help you perform a cost-benefit analysis, where you compare the negative vs. positive outcomes of a possible decision. After some exploration, you may find out that your job is not the problem. Maybe you are having internal issues that cloud your career outlook. If you do decide to switch careers, a counselor can help you prepare for what you might encounter when transitioning to a new job.

Job Stress

They call it a job for a reason. It can be difficult and cause significant strain. Even people who love their jobs feel stress from time to time. Burnout is a common career problem. Facing constant stress day after day makes many people want to run away and hide. A counselor can help you learn skills to cope with job stress and implement approaches to prevent it in the future. In addition, a counselor is a source of support and encouragement during difficult times.

I Have a Job, I Want A Career

Ever see a hamster exercising on its wheel? They put in a lot of effort but they never go anywhere. Many employees feel the same way. Yes, they are employed and working but they don’t feel like they are moving towards a productive career goal. Maybe they are in the wrong career. Maybe there is no upward mobility. It could be they don’t know how to address their boss or what to do to get ahead. A career counselor can help you implement the best strategies to communicate with people and gain a competitive advantage. With a more effective approach, you can get your job moving toward a satisfying career.

Job Satisfaction

Speaking of satisfaction, only 51 percent of American workers are satisfied with their job. And that is the highest percentage since 2005. That means nearly half of Americans are feeling unsatisfied at work. Maybe you are unsatisfied because your job genuinely stinks. There are a lot of bad jobs out there. Even a good job may get boring. Doing the same thing day after day is not a recipe for excitement. A counselor is a valuable impartial judge of your job’s good and bad qualities. Satisfaction, however, is often a result of internal expectations. A shift in thinking or a slight change in behavior can sometimes make a world of difference. In that case, working with a counselor on realistic thinking and altering routine can help you achieve a higher level of job satisfaction.

Unemployment or Demotion

Getting fired or demoted is like taking a gut punch. It is a blow to your self-esteem and confidence, not to mention your bank account. You may feel like curling up into a ball, binging on your favorite TV show, and giving up. Counselors are always there to lend an ear and provide support. Further, they will help you recognize why you were let go. Did you do something wrong or was it unrelated to your performance? Sometimes companies downsize due to financial reasons out of your control. A counselor can help you look at your situation realistically so you don’t spend days unnecessarily beating yourself up. In contrast, they can also give you a needed wake-up call if you aren’t taking responsibility for your actions. Whatever the case, they will assist you in getting back on your feet and directing your efforts towards regaining desired employment.

At Thriveworks Round Rock we want to help you cope with difficult career issues. We will find you a licensed counselor who is committed to working with you on improving your job situation. If you are having difficulties with your career, please call us at 512-212-7045 or schedule an appointment online.

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