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Alexandria, VA Psychiatry – Meet With Board-Certified Psychiatrists

Therapy or counseling helps people to address a range of issues, including serious mental health conditions. Various therapeutic techniques ultimately help these clients to live happier and healthier lives, as they learn to manage their illness and the harmful symptoms that might accompany it. That being said, counseling is not the only effective intervention when it comes to treating mental health disorders: medication has proven to help these individuals as well.

When it comes to treating mental illnesses with medication, medication management—or safe, effective, and appropriate drug therapy—is crucial. Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners play an essential role in medication management, as they possess the certifications and credentials to diagnose patients and prescribe them with psychiatric medications, which are often used to build upon the benefits of psychotherapy. Fortunately, Thriveworks Alexandria is now offering medication management for those who might benefit from this service.

Who Is In Need of Medication Management?

Many assume that only the severest of the severe mental illnesses require medication to properly manage the condition and its symptoms. But that couldn’t be further from the truth: in reality, a broad range of mental health conditions are alleviated by medications like antidepressants, mood stabilizers, cognitive enhancers, and more. So, while psychiatric medications help those with more severe illnesses like bipolar disorder, they also help those who struggle with mild depression and/or anxiety.

The list doesn’t stop there—it isn’t comprised of a mere few mental illnesses. If you’re suffering with a mental health condition and need help managing it, medication (as well as psychotherapy) might help. In any case, the online psychiatrists and nurse practitioners at Thriveworks Alexandria can evaluate your specific case and help to treat your presenting illness.

Why Is Medication Management Important?

An important question to answer is, why is medication management important? In summary, your wellbeing depends on it. The effectiveness of your medication relies on its proper use. For example, if you take too much or too little of a medication, it might not successfully alleviate your symptoms. Additionally, taking too much or too little of your medication could have harmful effects on your health. So, in working with a psychiatric nurse practitioner, be sure you…

  • Disclose any and all medications or supplements you’re currently taking
  • Divulge allergies or other issues you’ve experienced with medications in the past
  • Understand exactly how to take the medication, including how much and how often
  • Continue to take your medication exactly as prescribed and instructed
  • Ask your nurse practitioner any questions you have now or later, as they arise

Working With an Online Psychiatrist at Thriveworks Alexandria

We believe that everyone can lead a happier, healthier life by working with a mental health professional—whether they’re struggling with a mental illness, looking for some guidance amidst a career change or major life transition, or in need of some relationship assistance. The point is, we all struggle with something and oftentimes a mental health professional can help.

Now, if you’re struggling with a mental illness, a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner can help you, as they’ll assess your symptoms, offer a definitive diagnosis, and then go on to recommend and administer treatment of which might involve psychotherapy and medication. If you’d like to meet with a psychiatrist, look no further. A psychiatrist at Thriveworks Alexandria can give you answers in regards to your presenting issue and help to treat it. These professionals are board-certified, experienced, client-focused, and all in all caring individuals.

Schedule an Appointment with an Online Psychiatrist Today

If you’re a little intimidated or nervous about calling to schedule your appointment, rest assured that the process will go smoothly. Here are a few points to reassure you:

1) You will speak with a scheduling specialist, not a robot! When you call Thriveworks Alexandria, you won’t be greeted or prompted by an automated service. Rather, a scheduling specialist will answer your call and work with you to set you up with the provider who is right for you.

2) We accommodate you and your schedule by offering flexible hours. We understand just how busy life can get. If you can’t make a daytime appointment, we have evening appointments available. If you can’t make a weekday appointment, we have weekend appointments available, as well.

3) You could start treatment immediately. We’ll work to set you up with a provider as soon as possible. Oftentimes, new clients meet with their provider within 24 hours of setting up their appointment.

If you’re ready, so are we. Call Thriveworks Alexandria at (703) 828-9054 to get started with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner as soon as today.

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