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For many, family is everything. Our family members are the first people we love, talk to, get to know, build connections with. There’s a natural bond and love with relatives, which can be comforting—but also scary. When conflict arises and threatens to drive a wedge between you and your beloved family members, there’s no worse feeling.

“The greatest moments in life are not concerned with selfish achievements but rather with the things we do for the people we love and esteem.”

–Walt Disney

Unfortunately, the biggest challenges we face in life typically involve our loved ones. For example: divorce, a big move, financial strife, a falling out. Even if family members aren’t directly involved, they’re affected in some way, shape, or form. And often, the conflicts or challenges at hand prove to dismantle these close relationships.

The good news is there are professionals out there who specialize in helping families through difficult times. These individuals have taken the time and put in the hard work to gain important skills, training, and experience in helping families build better relationships. If you are in Alexandria, VA or the surrounding area, consider working with a family therapist or psychologist at Thriveworks Alexandria. Our experts want to help you improve your family dynamic.

Family Therapy Helps Resolve Conflict

The ultimate mission in family therapy is to help family members address the obstacles in front of them, be it diagnosis of a mental illness, the aftermath of a divorce, a rebellious child, or another challenge. Maybe you’re even dealing with all of the above! Whatever the case, a family therapist at Thriveworks Alexandria can help you properly address these problems. To give a few more specific examples, a family therapist can help…

  • Family members to adjust to a new normal after a divorce.
  • Parents work to understand and manage the behavior of a rebellious kid or teen.
  • A family to understand the symptoms and treatment of a mental illness diagnosed in an individual.
  • Family members to grieve the loss of a loved one properly and adjust to life without the lost individual.
  • Siblings understand “sibling rivalry” and improve their relationship.
  • Blended families adjust to a new life together as one big family.

After reading through the above, do you feel like your family could benefit from working with a family therapist? Maybe you need help with one of the obstacles we mentioned in this list, or maybe there’s something else that comes to mind. We want you to know that no matter what you’re facing, a family therapist at Thriveworks Alexandria will use their expertise to best help you resolve the problem and live happier.

Techniques Used in Family Therapy

If you know that your family needs or could benefit from therapy, but you’re on the fence about actually scheduling that appointment, it might help to know what to expect from the experience! While we can’t predict your exact journey, as it will depend on the problem(s) at hand, family dynamics, and so many other factors, there are common techniques used to help repair family relationships, including:

  • Teaching each family member how to articulate their feelings and needs
  • Providing guidance for talking about an issue
  • Discussing techniques for staying calm while resolving differences
  • Improving overall communicative means

The truth is that communication is often a big problem that either causes or exacerbates the problem identified by family members: adjusting well after divorce, parenting well, etc. In summary, your Thriveworks Alexandria family therapist will help you to improve communication lines as well as resolve other issues that are causing your family distress.

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Our family therapists will provide you and your family with the help, guidance, and support that you need to live happier. Here at Thriveworks, we strive to provide premium mental health services, including quick, flexible scheduling, innovative technology like advice by phone or email from your provider, and—of course—extraordinary mental health professionals.

If you think your family could benefit from working with a family therapist or psychologist, consider working with a provider at Thriveworks Alexandria. Call us today to schedule an appointment or hear more about our premium mental health services.

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