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Everybody longs for the perfect relationship, one without conflict. But we’re only human, which means that the perfect relationship does not exist—and so, we need to wish for proper conflict resolution instead. But again, because we’re human, we can’t simply wish something into existence; we need to work at it. Sometimes that means working with a professional, or in this case, a couples counselor who has dedicated their time and energy into learning how to help couples improve their relationships.

“Couples wait an average of six years of being unhappy with their relationship before getting help.” –John Gottman

Don’t wait for the problems in your relationship to resolve themselves. Be proactive and get the help that you and your partner need to create (or maintain) a happy, healthy relationship. Work with a couples counselor or psychologist at Thriveworks Alexandria today. These professionals have impressive skillsets that enable them to help you and your partner manage or resolve the issues that plague your relationship, whether that be jealousy, infidelity, poor money management, or something else entirely. The couples counselors at Thriveworks Alexandria are ready to step in and make a life-changing difference.

What Challenges Can Couples Counseling Help to Resolve?

No two relationships are the same, as no two people are the same. Each has its own dynamic, its own strengths, and—of course—its own weaknesses. For this reason, couples counselors are trained to help couples tackle a wide range of potential issues. We mentioned a few above, but here’s a more comprehensive list of the problems couples counseling can help two people address:

  • Miscommunication
  • Jealousy
  • Infidelity
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Poor money management
  • Parenting disagreements
  • Different visions for the future
  • Power struggles
  • Opposing political views

These are common relationship issues, and therefore, common topics in couples counseling. If you and your partner are struggling with miscommunication, lack of intimacy, or another problem (on the list or not), consider working with a couples counselor or psychologist at Thriveworks Alexandria. It’s important that you and your significant other tackle issues as they arise (or better yet, have a plan for resolving issues before they occur). If you don’t, your relationship will continue to suffer.

How Does Counseling Help Couples?

You probably aren’t convinced that couples counseling can help if you don’t know how it works! As we mentioned previously, every couple is different. Your couples counselor will first get to know you, individually and as a couple, so that they can best understand what the issue is and how it should be confronted. Then, they will come up with a customized plan for helping the two of you to progress in each session. This progress will likely involve talking about the issue at hand, analyzing your communication skills, exploring different emotions, and increasing respect for each other.

Sometimes, couples counseling can involve trial and error. If they see that one technique isn’t working for you and your partner, they’ll implement a different strategy. This process will continue until you find the right therapeutic techniques that prove effective in your relationship. Your counselor at Thriveworks Alexandria wants to help you find success. They’ll utilize their expertise and experience to help you create a more harmonious relationship.

Schedule Couples Counseling at Thriveworks Alexandria

Are you and your partner struggling to communicate? Is your relationship suffering from financial strife or a power struggle? Whatever the issue may be, a couples counselor at Thriveworks Alexandria is happy to step in and help. They are equipped with the tools needed to help you and your partner find happiness again.

Here at Thriveworks, we strive to offer the best possible mental health services we can. That means that we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, flexible scheduling opportunities, and effective treatment:

  1. Exceptional customer service: To book an appointment, all you have to do is call. A scheduling specialist will pick up the phone and (without first putting you on a waiting list) set you up with the right provider as soon as possible.
  2. Flexible scheduling options: If you prefer the normal weekday, daytime appointments, we’ve got those for you. But, if you have other responsibilities that make that impossible, we also have evening and weekend appointments available.
  3. Effective treatment: Counseling at Thriveworks works. We partner with the very best providers, all of whom impress us with their skills, experience, and daily success.

Do you want to work with a couples counselor at Thriveworks Alexandria? Call us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and helping you enjoy a happy, healthy relationship again.

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