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Families are living systems: each member is interconnected and contributes a part to the whole. The families often work cohesively when each person’s individual needs are met and each person makes meaningful contributions to the group. However, it does not take much to knock a family off balance.

When one person struggles, often, the whole family struggles. Much like an engine in a car: if one piston malfunctions, the whole engine malfunctions. Has your family faced any of these challenges?

  • Is being a parent far harder than you anticipated?
  • Is one person’s anger, anxiety, or frustration affecting other members of the family?
  • Is no communication or poor communication leading to hurt feelings?
  • Is your family growing apart, and you are not sure how to work together again?
  • Is your family repeating hurtful patterns of behavior, over, and over again?

If yes, consider seeking help from a professional counselor. Family therapy has helped many families consider the challenges they face and make adjustments so that everyone feels better.

The counselors at Thriveworks Pflugerville know that being a family is hard. Every family faces unique problems, and our family therapists may have the tools that your family needs to come together again.

Family Therapy Versus Individual Therapy

Family therapy considers each individual as they are placed within the family unit. This may include look at the family’s role, coping mechanisms, expectations, and more. The most common approaches to counseling families are family systems therapy and family structural therapy. These are based upon the idea that families, for good or bad, shape people’s identities and behaviors. Thus, helping the family as a whole function well means each individual member benefits.
Specifically, family therapy may examine how birth order, love languages, and personality type may be contributing to the family’s challenges and what adjustments can be made to help the family function well. Family therapy focuses upon helping families communicate more clearly, become interdependent (but not codependent), and increase harmony within the family unit.

Building a strong family unit has many potential rewards, including …

  1. Reduced risk of poverty with shared expenses and greater income potential
  2. Fewer instances of neglect, abuse, or problems with the law
  3. Increased capacity for handling stress and hardship
  4. Less anxiety and depression-related conditions
  5. Better attachment and greater possibility of children learning healthy relational skills

When Is the Time for Family Therapy?

Think about some of the challenges your family faces. Is more than one person contributing to the problem? Could more than one person contribute to the solution? If so, family therapy may be a good option.

Specifically, consider family therapy if your family is struggling with the following challenges:

  1. Authoritarian/overbearing parenting and rebellious children
  2. Permissive parenting and out-of-control children
  3. Hormonal changes with teens or parents that are contributing to conflict
  4. Special-needs family members and equally distributing care/interaction
  5. Intimacy/love problems in the marriage relationship
  6. Addiction, abuse, and/or neglect in the family
  7. Failure to meet the needs of each family member
  8. Insufficient premarital counseling and/or marriage maintenance
  9. Struggling/hard times as a divorce/separation prevention
  10. Tension/hostility in any relationships

Family therapy is not a magic formula, but it has helped many families breakout of unhealthy patterns and work together in harmony. If the individual members are willing to do the work, a Thriveworks counselor can guide the family toward more peaceful, loving relationships.

Family Therapy at Thriveworks Pflugerville

The family therapists at Thriveworks Pflugerville know how to uncover a problem’s root cause. Our therapist have helped many families see the big picture and find practical solutions to their challenges. At Thriveworks, we

  • know the problem is the actual problem—not the family or individual presenting it
  • have understanding and empathy
  • Align ourselves with each individual and give everyone a voice
  • Find potential for workable compromise

Would you like help as your family tries to tackle life’s challenges together? Has tension crept into your relationships and you want to work through the tension and toward a more peaceful home? We understand, and we are ready to help.

When you call Thriveworks Pflugerville, we want to provide you with first-rate care from the moment you schedule your appointment throughout your treatment plan. To accomplish client-centered care, we have real people answer our phone (not a voicemail or automated directory). We also offer weekend and evening sessions (because 9am-5pm does not always work for a busy family). We work with most insurance providers too.

Is it time for the family system to become more in tune with each other? If so, it may be time to call Thriveworks Pflugerville, TX. We have family therapy sessions available.

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