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Online counseling is a valuable mental health service that is gaining traction. Though it’s been around for decades, it has evolved and its value is being realized by people all over the world. Online therapy got its start as mental health hotlines and online mental health discussion boards. Today, it includes individualized help from a licensed, caring professional. So, if you think you could benefit from a mental health professional’s skills, tools, experience, and training, consider online counseling.

In addition to the traditional in-person counseling approach, Thriveworks Pflugerville, TX offers online therapy by phone and video. Our therapists are happy to help you in phone counseling sessions or video counseling sessions—you get to pick which one you’d like to utilize. Either way, to schedule your appointment, just call (512) 955-3074. Our scheduling team will get you scheduled. We can also talk to you more about what online counseling involves.

Phone Counseling, Video Counseling: How Do They Work?

If you decide to work with an online counselor, you’ll get to choose which virtual medium you’d like to utilize! You’ll have two options: you can work with an online counselor in phone counseling or video counseling. If you choose the first of the two, your therapist will call you at the start of your session. If you choose the second, you’ll be sent a link, which you’ll click at the time of your session to join your videoconference. That’s all it takes!

Online therapy is an effective, valuable mental health service. Research shows that people of all backgrounds have found benefits in online counseling. These individuals find that phone counseling and/or video counseling allows them to make progress with a therapist, just as they would in in-person counseling. On that same note, some people find that they’re able to make even more progress in online counseling because they feel more comfortable or even less stressed. That said, some people do find that they prefer in-person counseling, and that’s quite alright too.

What Are Online Counseling Benefits? How Can It Help Me?

Mary lives in a small town and knows everybody by name. While she loves this small town dynamic, unfortunately, it means that she can’t find a counselor nearby whom she doesn’t know on a personal level. John works a demanding job from 8 to 5, Monday-Friday. By the time he’s off work, the local counseling office is no longer open and he doesn’t have time to go on. His lunch break. On top of that, he’s looking for a counselor with specific experience working with LGBTQ clients.

These two individuals could find great value in working with an online therapist. Mary could find a therapist online who is not from her small town, who can therefore provider with that nonjudgmental help and support. And John can find a counselor online with a background in LGBTQ and who offers evening or weekend appointments. In summary, online counseling comes with many benefits and fills that gap for many clients. Thriveworks Pflugerville online counseling provides the following:

  • Convenient and comfortable care
  • Greater accessibility and flexibility
  • Tried and true services
  • Affordability

In addition to being a convenient and comfortable counseling option, online counseling offers people greater accessibility and flexibility. For example, you’ll have greater accessibility to counselors with the right skills and experience to help you. You’ll also be more likely to have flexible scheduling options like evening and weekend sessions. Finally, you’ll experience the efficacy of online counseling and you’ll enjoy affordability. Many insurances now pay for online counseling. Additionally, Thriveworks Pflugerville offers affordable self-pay options.

Work with an Online Therapist at Thriveworks Pflugerville, TX

Are you interested in exploring the benefits that you could find in working with a mental health professional? Are you hesitant to schedule an appointment because of an already busy schedule? Online counseling is the solution. Online counseling, sometimes referred to as virtual therapy, allows you to work with a mental health professional from home. You don’t have to worry about the commute, the traffic. You can hop into your session over the phone or in a video chat. It’s as easy as that.

To schedule your online counseling session at Thriveworks Pflugerville, TX, give us a call today at (512) 955-3074.

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