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It is every parent’s goal to raise healthy, happy and capable children. One way we as caregivers try to do that is by protecting them from harmful or stressful situations. The reality is, though, we can’t always shield our children from things that may go wrong, and nor should we. Teaching children how to be resilient in the face of difficulty can be one of the greatest skills we can give them. Sometimes those skills are difficult to learn and the help of a child counselor is necessary.

A child counselor will be able to help if your child has been through a difficult or stressful event in their life, such as:

  • Divorce or separation
  • Death of a family member or friend
  • Bullying
  • Abuse- physical, sexual, emotional or neglect
  • Trauma- vehicle accident, war, natural disaster
  • Many life changes in a short period of time

Even though we may not be able to prevent things from going wrong in the lives of our children, there are many things we can do to equip them with the strategies necessary to cope with problems as they arise. Child counseling supports the fundamental strategies that help children through their tough time.

The skills that child counseling encourages in children to ensure a successful future are:

  • Increased coping skills when things go wrong
  • Resiliency when faced with stress or change
  • Enhanced communication skills and emotional literacy
  • Determining a trusted support system that includes family, friends and mentors
  • Showing kids they have the power to take control and responsibility in a situation

These skills are key in helping children through their turmoil and it is the role of a child counselor to determine the best way to work with your child to help them foster these skills and realize their potential. A counselor knows that every situation is unique, and that every child processes things differently and in their own time. They are trained at tailoring a plan based on your child and their specific needs.

Contact our office at any time to speak to a trained child counselor or to learn more about building resiliency in your child.

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