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Thriveworks Manassas, VA is dedicated to helping people live happier, more successful lives. To accomplish this mission, we offer a variety of mental health services, including therapy, counseling, life coaching, and psychological testing. Therapy and counseling aim to help the individual work through specific life issues and mental health challenges; life coaching focuses on helping people improve life success and fulfillment; and psychological testing measures an individual’s specific traits, thought processes, and behaviors to better inform the former two services.

Psychological testing can prove beneficial prior to counseling, therapy, and life coaching, as well as later on in treatment (especially if an individual stops making progress with their provider). In any case, our team of psychologists here at Thriveworks Manassas are here to help and support you on your mission of living better. Psychological testing and assessment services can help you better understand and manage a mental illness and also supplement your mission of finding greater success or fulfillment in life.

If you’re ready to schedule psychological assessment services at Thriveworks Manassas, contact our office at (571) 589-3907. We can offer psychological testing in a traditional in-person format as well as via virtual means. If you need or prefer to complete these tests from home, you may. Just let us know what works best for you!

How Does Psychological Testing Work?

Psychological testing measures an individual’s unique traits, cognitive functioning level, thought processes, and other aptitudes, often to inform diagnoses and treatment for a specific issue. The psychologists and therapists at Thriveworks Manassas might utilize a few different types of testing, including:

  • Formal psychological evaluation
  • Behavioral observation
  • Interviews with the individual
  • Interviews with the individual’s family members and/or teachers
  • Surveys and self-reports

“There are literally hundreds of assessments,” says Sean Hayes PsyD of Thriveworks Counseling in Sterling, VA. “Some assessments have people answer open-ended questions, such as what they might see on an inkblot. This is known as the Rorschach. Others are more structured and are designed to identify specific problems, like suicidal ideation or problems in daily functioning. Some are much more broad and are designed to get a big picture of a personality or types of intelligence.”

Your Thriveworks Manassas psychologist will work to understand your needs before conducting psychological testing. They will then determine the best form of testing, be it formal psychological evaluation, behavioral observation, a survey, or all of the above. In any case, your psychologist’s goal is to help you better understand yourself, including your goals and areas you might need a little help in.

What Tests and Assessments Are Offered Here?

If you’re looking for psychological testing in Manassas, you are in the right place. We offer a variety of psychological testing services including:

  1. Cognitive functioning and intelligence testing: These tests evaluate cognitive problems, such as those with one’s memory, language, thinking, and judgment. Intelligence testing, or IQ testing, assesses one’s intelligence quotient.
  2. Career interests, skills, and coaching: Tests surrounding career interests and skills are meant to help the individual better understand their interests as well as their strengths and weaknesses, which can then better inform career decisions.
  3. Differential diagnosis assessments: Differential diagnosis assessments are valuable when someone exhibits symptoms of multiple illnesses. For example, depression, anxiety, and many other mental health conditions share symptoms like sleep problems, changes in appetite, lack of focus, and withdrawal from others. Differential diagnosis assessments consider multiple disorders and also eliminates
  4. Learning and academic functioning assessments: These particular assessments test for learning disorders as well as developmental delays, such as dyslexia and written language disorder. Therefore, these tests might look specifically at math, writing, and/or reading skills.
  5. Personality assessments: Personality assessments simply evaluate one’s personality! Typically, surveys and self-reports are utilized and can help to identify a potential personality disorder. In addition, personality assessments can also help one better understand their personality strengths and weaknesses.
  6. Trauma assessments: Trauma assessments analyze specific symptoms of trauma, including irritability, withdrawal from others, feelings of hopelessness, and confusion. They also assess how severe these symptoms are and how it is affecting one’s daily functioning.

If you are in search of any of the above tests, consider scheduling an appointment for psychological testing and assessment at Thriveworks Manassas. Again, we have psychologists on staff who are more than happy to conduct these tests (either in-person or online) and, in turn, help you live better.

Schedule Psychological Testing and Assessment at Thriveworks Manassas, VA

Thriveworks Manassas, VA offers valuable psychological testing and assessment services. These tests can help a wide range of various individuals: they can offer diagnosis for a learning disorder or personality disorder; they can help one better understand how a traumatic event has affected their life in its entirety; they can inform one’s career choices; and they can lead to the development of a treatment plan that will help the individual live a happier and more successful life.

If you’re ready to schedule psychological testing and assessment, call Thriveworks Manassas. You can reach us at (571) 589-3907. We’ll get you scheduled for the test that you are interested in. Remember: we can conduct these tests in-person and online.

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