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Life is wonderful and beautiful and fun… and it’s also horrible and ugly and monotonous. This all depends on your current circumstances. If you’ve experienced a personal win, your relationships are on good terms, and you’re moving forward with momentum, you’d probably take the first stance. If you’re currently battling stress or a mental illness, fighting with your loved ones, lacking personal or professional fulfillment, you’d probably describe life in the second manner instead.

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the

entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

–The Buddha

Here’s the thing: We all experience highs and lows. This is normal and okay. But it’s important that we take it upon ourselves to climb out of the depths of our despair when we’re struggling. Sometimes, this will mean asking for a little extra help and support from loved ones. And sometimes, this will mean asking for a little guidance from a mental health professional.

If you are looking for mental health help, but you’re struggling to fit a counseling appointment into your schedule, consider working with an online counselor at Thriveworks Manassas, VA. Our online counseling services allow you to work with a therapist without all the hassle. You can attend your sessions from the comfort, convenience, and security of home. If you’re intrigued by this counseling option, give Thriveworks Manassas in Prince William County a call at (571) 589-3907. We’ll get you scheduled with a skilled, caring provider ASAP.

5 Online Counseling Benefits

Online counseling therapy proves to help many people secure and receive the mental health services they’re looking for. It can prove especially valuable to those who can’t find a qualified counselor in their area or those who can’t fit another traditional appointment into their already-busy schedule. Let’s delve into 6 main benefits of online therapy:

  1. It’s convenient: As we’ve already touched on, online therapy offers convenience that most appointments don’t. You don’t have to drive to the office to meet with your Thriveworks Manassas counselor. You can meet with them online, via phone call or video conference instead!
  2. It makes counseling more comfortable: Because online counseling enables you to attend your sessions from virtually anywhere you choose, it’s a comfortable option too. You can lay in bed, sit on your couch, or anywhere else you find comfortable.
  3. It’s effective: Online counseling is an effective mental health service as well. You are perfectly capable of making meaningful progress in online counseling with your therapist. That said, it is important to remember that everybody’s different, and online counseling might work better for certain people than others!
  4. It’s affordable: Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about selling an arm and a leg to pay for online counseling. Online counseling is just as affordable as in-person counseling (in most cases), as most insurance companies cover online therapy services. Additionally, Thriveworks Manassas has affordable self-pay options for you, too.
  5. It offers greater flexibility: Additionally, online counseling comes with flexible scheduling options. You can typically schedule an appointment that fits well with your schedule and quickly. You might even have your online therapy session the same day that you call in.

In addition to the above benefits, online counseling offers reliability. You don’t have to worry about missing or having to reschedule your appointment due to traffic, sickness, poor weather conditions, and other factors that are completely out of your control. You can rely on having your session with your Thriveworks Manassas online counselor.

Schedule Online Therapy at Thriveworks Manassas, VA in Prince William

Are you looking for Prince William therapy? Are you in need of mental health services, but you can’t make room for another daytime appointment in your schedule? Consider working with an online counselor or therapist at Thriveworks Manassas, VA. This is a convenient, comfortable, effective, affordable, and flexible counseling option.

You can make meaningful advancements with your counselor from the comfort and convenience of home. And we can provide that service for you. If you’re ready to embark on an online counseling journey, reach out to Thriveworks Manassas, VA. Just call (571) 589-3907 to speak with a scheduling specialist and book your session.

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I believe my depression is coming from the lack of education, I have and the loss of so many jobs. It's findin...Read more

g but hard to keep a job. I'm embarrassed it has been hindering me for many years now I can't stand it I've been trying to get help for a while now and don't know where to go I am on suppression medication. I see a doctor every two weeks I have talked to him about this and until u was blacking the blue in the face. I think he sees it now. Thank good

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Great first experience

So far I’m having a great first experience with Therapy.
Thriveworks Counseling Manassas


I started with Thriveworks and Lisa 3-4 months ago and I was nervous about telling a "stranger" my deepest iss...Read more

ues and things I'm not always comfortable admitting myself. I have to say she has been amazing through an really tough relationship break and other things I was or am going through in life. She makes you feel comfortable and truly listens, providing support and options for situations which allow me to be able to look at situations differently. She has made an incredible improvement on my life and I always look forward to meeting with her. It has become a breath of fresh air for me. She is amazing and I consider her a friend. You can't go wrong.

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