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Many people value family. Whether they come from a small, medium, or large family, people want warm relationships as brothers, sisters, grandparents, parents, wives, husbands, uncles, aunts, and children. Family can shape people’s purpose and identity in life as each person gives and each person receives. Connecting as a family can leave people feeling happy, fulfilled, and satisfied… at least in theory. In reality, family life is much more difficult.

On-going challenges or unforeseen crises constantly threaten the equilibrium of a family. When one member faces a problem, the whole family can be affected. In the midst of stress, it is normal for individuals to work against each other instead of working for each other. When multiple people are struggling in a family, having an outside, professional perspective may be helpful.

The counselors at Thriveworks Manassas know that facing challenges is a normal part of being a family. They also know that with support and guidance, families can grow closer together through the challenge. That’s why we offer family therapy. We love helping our clients understand their families better and learn to relate in healthy ways.

Unforeseen Crises and On-going Challenges

TV’s most famous families are often so popular because they portray both the highlights and lowlights of family life. Think about your favorite TV family. The Huxtables. The Bradys. The Gilmores. The Winslows. The Tanners. The Bravermans. The Bluths. The Cleavers. The Arnolds. These families all experienced the typical disruptions that many families face.

All families will experience disruptions that threaten their family harmony, regardless of the family’s ethnicity, size, or socio-economic status. How individuals within the family react to these disruptions can cause the family as a whole to grow together or apart.

Life can change in a moment. One instant, family life flows—everyone contributes in a meaningful way; everyone has their needs met. The next instant, everything is unstable and unsure. Unforeseen crises can blindside and disorient families. Re-establishing equilibrium after a crisis is difficult. Families have pursued therapy at Thriveworks Manassas to help regain their balance after crises such as …

  • Loss of the family’s home
  • Death of a family member
  • An accident that injuries or disables a family member
  • Financial stress or crisis
  • Job loss

Some challenges that families face are unforeseen, but others build slowly and over time. When families do not make adjustment for their changing needs and growing challenges, they can find themselves overwhelmed. Sharing the load and finding solutions that work for everyone is important. Families have begun therapy at Thriveworks Manassas to help them work through on-going challenges such as …

  • Disagreements about parenting style
  • Providing care for a handicapped, physically-ill, or special-needs family member
  • Conflict or tension in the marriage
  • Coping with a mental illness diagnosis

Reaching Out for Help as a Family

When families are in the middle of a crisis or feeling the tension from an on-going challenge, it can be very difficult to see any adjustments they may need. Family therapy may provide the distance and perspective that families need. The goal of family counseling is to make a safe space where families can work on their problems together.
Family counseling may be able to…

  • Facilitate healthy communication.
  • Equip each family member to articulate their needs and guide each member on how to support others in the family.
  • Use integrated and calming techniques to resolve differences or tension between individual family members.

Family counseling rests upon the idea that the family provides the context for individuals. As each person grows, the family benefits. As the family grows, each individual benefits.

Thriveworks Manassas Offers Family Therapy

The counselors at Thriveworks Manassas want to see families connect and grow through the challenges they face. We understand that life throws curveballs, and we also understand that families are stronger together. Our counselors love to help families grow through

  1. Dialogue and compromise.
  2. Treating the problem as the problem—not each other.
  3. Empathizing with each other.
  4. Expressing their own, unique voice.

Has a crisis put your family in unfamiliar territory? Has an on-going challenge grown to the point of overwhelming the family? Counseling for families is not a silver bullet or magic formula to make life instantly better. It takes time and effort, but many families are glad they had the help of a therapist.

Thriveworks Manassas want to offer topnotch care to each client from their first call to our office until they complete their care. To achieve this standard, know that a person will answer your call and help schedule your appointment. We offer convenient weekend and evening sessions, and many first-time clients see their counselor the following day. We also work with most insurance providers.

If you family is ready for a safe place and a fresh perspective, call Thriveworks Manassas to schedule family therapy.

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