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Talk therapies are very effective, and many people benefit from their techniques. Many people also benefit from combining medication with these treatments. Just as many people who have high blood pressure may be treated with diet, exercise, and at times, medication, so many mental health disorders respond to cognitive enhancers, mood stabilizers, or antidepressants in addition to other therapies. Whenever psychiatric medications are involved, medication management is important for finding the right medication at the right dose.

When someone needs medication for a mental health problem, psychiatric nurse practitioners can help their clients manage their medications. They have the certifications and credentials to provide talk therapy and prescribe any psychiatric medications that may enhance that therapy.

Thriveworks Lynchburg is now offering medication management for those clients who would benefit from psychiatric medications with their therapy.

Who May Need Medication Management?

Many people believe that only the most serious mental health disorders benefit from the medical interventions that a psychiatric nurse practitioner can provide. Certainly, people who struggle with severe conditions such as schizophrenia benefit from medication, but so do many others.

Psychiatric medication may be useful in treating anxiety, depression, adjustment disorders, and more.

Thriveworks Lynchburg medication management specialists team up with clients, their therapists, and/or counselors to ensure that each individual receives the medication they need at the dose they need it.

Seeing a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at Thriveworks Lynchburg

The team at Thriveworks Lynchburg believes that mental health services can benefit anyone, regardless of their particular circumstances. Many of our clients face serious mental health challenges. Others are growth-focused and want to achieve a particular goal or dream. Each of our clients is unique and each has potential to grow and to thrive. Many of our clients benefit from our medication management services.

If you would like a psychiatric nurse practitioner to prescribe, adjust, and monitor your psychiatric medications, know that Thriveworks Lynchburg now offers medication management.

The psychiatric nurse practitioners at Thriveworks Lynchburg are…

  1. Board-certified.
  2. Experienced.
  3. Client-focused.
  4. Kind and caring.

For some people, the financial costs of treatment are prohibitive. Thriveworks Lynchburg accepts many forms of insurance, and our office will help you know what insurance will and will not cover and if you will have expenses that insurance does not cover. Feel free to ask about insurance coverage when you call to schedule an appointment.

For others, scheduling that first appointment feels too intimidating. We understand. Here are a few things about our scheduling process that might be helpful to know: A scheduling specialist answers our phone—not an automated service or voicemail. We offer evening and weekend appointments, and we do not keep a waitlist. Our hope is that every client sees their therapist as soon as possible. New clients often see their therapist within 24 hours of their call.

Call Thriveworks Lynchburg at (434) 528-3263 today. If you are ready, so are our psychiatric nurse practitioners.

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