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Think about your overall well-being for a minute. What does it take to support your health? You may meet with a trainer at your gym so you can lose a few pounds or get physically stronger. You may have a nutritionist who helps you find foods that work for your body. You probably have a primary care physician—someone you see for preventative care or when you are sick or injured. Several years ago, for many people, their list would end here; however, times are changing. For many, their overall health care involves more than caring for their bodies—it also means caring for their emotions and mind. A stigma once labeled mental health care as unnecessary at best and weakness at worst. However, that stigma is being replaced with the reality that therapy, life coaching, and counseling have brought untold benefits to innumerable people. For many people, mental health care is an essential element to their health care.

“There is no health without mental health.”
—Psychiatrist Vikram Patel

The staff at Thriveworks Los Angeles agrees wholeheartedly with Dr. Patel. Our therapists, counselors, and coaches have seen the transformation mental health care can bring to an individual’s overall well-being. When people prioritize treatment for their symptoms and their own life goals, they often find an internal strength that allows them to weather life’s storms.

Life’s Challenges—A Safe Harbor

As soon as life becomes routine, it is inevitable that a storm will brew. Just as there will always be sunny days, there will also be storms. No one is exempt from the challenge and difficulty. Consider these situations:

  • You and your significant other have been together for a few years, and the relationship is progressing nicely. You have met each other’s parents, and you moved in together a few months ago. You are both thinking marriage may be next, but that feels big. Are you ready?
  • Your family made a big move last summer, and ever since, your teens have not been their usual selves. They are sweet kids, but since the move, they have been argumentative. They hate their new school and are not doing their homework. You have tried to make the transition as smooth as possible, but you are out of ideas. What is next?
  • One day, life was usual. The next day, everything was turned upside down. Your loved one was taken too soon in a horrible accident. Life feels surreal and unbearable. You cannot focus on work or at home. Just getting out of bed feels impossible some days.
  • You really enjoy your job. It is a good fit—at least right now. But you wonder if it will still be a good fit in three years. If you were to make a change, what would it be? Maybe you could move up with the same company. Or would you want to change careers?
  • You admit that this habit is not a good one. You told yourself that it would be an occasional thing—just to relieve stress on those really tough weeks. But it has turned into a daily event. You would actually like to stop it. You have tried, but nothing has worked.

What storm is raging in your life right now? Is it one of these scenarios or another? In either case, imagine having guidance and support during the tumult. Imagine having a safe retreat where you can plot a course and navigate the challenge. Many people are making that thought a reality and working with a counselor, life coach, or therapist.

What Does Mental Health Care Involve?

Mental health care shares many similarities with physical health care, including that treatment is unique and personal. A patient dealing with high blood sugar is going to need care that is different than a patient dealing with high blood pressure. Similarly, a client who is dealing with residual trauma from their childhood will have different therapeutic needs than a client who is dealing with dependent personality disorder.

Speaking generally, however, here are a few examples of how mental health care might look…

  1. If clients want to achieve a particular personal or professional goal, their sessions may help them increase their self-awareness. Once these clients have an accurate self-understanding, they can make a game plan based upon their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. If clients are dealing with a mental health diagnosis or trauma, their sessions will likely focus upon healing. This may mean managing their symptoms, but it may also mean going deep and healing the underlying wounds.
  3. If clients want to address a compulsive behavior/addiction, their sessions may focus upon attachment, accountability, and healthy coping skills. Addiction is often attachment to an activity or substances, but clients can learn how to connect to their loved ones instead.

Mental Health Care Appointments at Thriveworks Los Angeles, CA

As you read through the description of mental health care, did you think of how a therapist, counselor, or coach could help you? If you are ready to make an appointment, the staff at Thriveworks Los Angeles is ready to be on your side. When you contact our office…

  • You may have your first appointment the following day.
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Do not weather life’s storms alone. The counselors, therapists, and life coaches at Thriveworks Los Angeles are ready to help. Call us today.

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