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Did you know that you don’t even have to leave your house to meet with a counselor? That’s right, they’ll come to you in phone counseling or video counseling! Online counseling enables you to meet with your counselor in appointments that occur over the phone or in a private, secure video chatroom. This proves to be a comfortable, convenient, and safe option for those who can’t make it in for in-person counseling sessions.

Online therapy has proven to help many different people with varying needs and challenges. That being said, it’s all about exploring your options and finding what type of therapy suits you best. If you find that you prefer in-person counseling sessions to online counseling sessions, that’s great! However, online counseling will enable you to continue to make progress in therapy when you can’t make it into the office, such as during stay-at-home orders.

If you’re interested in online counseling, consider working with an online counselor at Thriveworks Fredericksburg. We have caring, licensed mental health professionals who are excited to begin working with you. To schedule your appointment with one of our providers, just call (540) 322-5424.

What Can I Expect from Online Counseling?

Some people feel a little intimidated when they hear about online counseling. Why? Because they worry that it will require them to have a high level of technological skills. In reality, all you need is access to a telephone (which most of us have), a computer, or another device that connects to the internet.

If you prefer telephone counseling sessions to video counseling sessions, you’ll simply answer your therapist’s call at the time of your appointment. If you prefer the latter, you’ll just click a link to your videoconference at the time of your appointment, which your counselor will send you in advance. It’s as simple as that! There is no catch. If you still feel worried or intimidated, don’t worry. Your counselor will assist you and ensure that you are all set up and ready to go to have your first phone or video session.

# Benefits of Working with an Online Counselor

If you’re still weighing your options, be sure to consider the benefits that many clients find in online counseling. For example, here are main highlights of online counseling that people enjoy in working with a counselor online:

  1. It’s convenient: We can’t say enough about how convenient online counseling is. It improves accessibility to mental health services, as it doesn’t require you to venture to a local counseling office. Instead you can attend right from home (or wherever you prefer).
  2. It’s tested and effective: Additionally, online counseling proves to be an effective counseling option. Some people worry that they won’t make as much progress in online counseling as they would in in-person counseling. The truth, though, is that research shows online counseling is effective. In fact, some people find that online counseling is even more effective! Especially those who struggle to open up in in-person sessions.
  3. It’s affordable: At one time, insurance wasn’t likely to cover online counseling. Today, though, most insurance companies pay for at least one kind of online counseling. Typically, this is video counseling, but many companies are starting to cover telephone counseling too! Thriveworks Fredericksburg also has affordable self-pay options available.
  4. It’s flexible: Also, online therapy is flexible in turns of scheduling your appointment. Instead of having to wait weeks for your first appointment, you can often see an online counselor much sooner than that, maybe even a day or two after you schedule it.

If you’re ready to experience a convenient, effective, affordable, and flexible counseling option, consider working with an online counselor at Thriveworks Fredericksburg.

Set Up Online Counseling at Thriveworks Fredericksburg, VA

Are you ready to work with an online counselor at Thriveworks Fredericksburg? Then we’re ready too! Just call (540) 322-5424. Our counselors, therapists, and psychologists are skilled mental health professionals. They will use these skills as well as their training and experience to help you overcome whatever challenge you might be facing, from depression to anxiety, relationship issues, loneliness, low self-esteem, lack of fulfillment, and so on. Whatever it is, we’ll get to know you and the problem at hand before designing your customized treatment plan.

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