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Drawing a line between conflicts that can be dealt with in the privacy of your own home and those which require professional support in the form of therapy for couples can prove tricky. Some people might feel that relationship counseling is a desperate solution only for those partners who are facing a pending threat of a divorce or separation. Many fear that a decision to go to couples or marriage therapy is ultimately an acknowledgment of one’s relationship’s failure. These factors undoubtedly feed into the fact that numerous couples choose to persist in their conflicted situation for years before they decide to seek the support of a professional relationship counselor.

It is important to recognize that marriage and couples counseling is nothing that should instigate our fears or shame – many couples choose to seek this kind of support and very often they do it to improve, rather than save, their relationship. Although therapy might not always be as successful as one has hoped for, it is always a step forward and a proof that you and your partner want to work together towards a happier future.

Is It Time To Seek Help?

A decision to go to couples or marriage therapy is ultimately very personal and there are no universally recognized guidelines which will tell you when is the time to do so. Professionals do, however, notice a number of indicators which could suggest the right moment has come. These include:

  • The enduring conflict within your partnership has started to seriously affect your and/or your partner’s happiness, as well as physical and mental health.
  • The situation in your relationship has come to a deadlock – any progress towards a conflict resolution seems to have stalled permanently.
  • You and your partner are no longer capable of communicating in a constructive fashion – every conversation or exchange results in further conflict aggravation.

Where To Seek Help?

Many couples find that conflict resolution is easier to achieve under the guidance of a therapist who has no connection and no preconceived ideas about their relationship. As a result, couples or marriage counseling allows them to take a fresh look at their situation and improve their communication.

This is exactly what we strive to provide to our clients at Thriveworks Fredericksburg, VA – objective, nonjudgmental and discrete counseling based on the depth of experience our therapists have gathered whilst working with people at different stages of their relationships, confronted by diverse problems. We understand how to best help our clients – no matter who they are or what problems they approach us with. We believe that change is possible – so please, reach out to us today to arrange your first couples or marriage counseling session. 540-322-5424

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veral medications which made me feel worse with my anxiety and depression. So she helped me find different natural ways of coping. She had the best advice, it was honestly kind of a sad day when I realized I didn’t need her anymore. But I know who I’m going back to if I ever need someone to talk to again! Krista if you see this please know you helped save my life! Thank you!

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commodate my request, but due to my work schedule she could not find a good time for me, but she was so professional and pleasant , patient on the phone..i will definitely be calling back to Thriveworks to schedule an appointment as soon as my schedule allows..

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