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Panic attacks and panic disorder are serious conditions and can become disabling. The symptoms alone can be terrifying, especially if they come about without warning. People having panic attacks or panic disorder often show up in hospitals thinking they have a serious or life-threatening medical condition. However, panic disorder therapy have a high success rate and can help a lot. Unfortunately, panic disorder often remains undiagnosed and, therefore, untreated.

A panic attack can be defined as an unexpected oncoming of intense fear accompanied by:

  • physical symptoms
  • accelerated heart rate
  • rapid or difficult breathing
  • shaking
  • dizziness
  • sweating
  • hot or cold flashes
  • nausea
  • mental or psychological symptoms
  • sense of losing touch with reality
  • feeling completely out of control
  • fear of going crazy
  • fear of dying

Panic disorder is defined (according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5)) as an anxiety disorder where individuals experience repeated panic attacks, accompanied by the worries about having another attack and/or serious changes in behavior related to the panic attacks.

Persons who struggle with panic attacks or panic disorder might face various challenges and serious problems, such as:

  • They may be so anxious about the onset of an attack that they will actually cause an attack themselves, by responding to the physical symptoms with more fear
  • They may avoid all situations where panic attacks might occur
  • They may try to hide their attacks from family, friends or co-workers and even lose their friends and jobs due to their attacks.

A panic disorder untreated for months or years may worsen to the degree of seriously interfering with the normal daily life of the person affected, as described above.

If you opt for panic attack counseling or panic disorder therapy in Fredericksburg, VA our qualified counselors and therapist can offer you a range of helpful services, from information regarding you condition and various techniques such as breathing exercises or applied relaxation or directing you to support groups and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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