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It is human nature to worry: about waking up in time for work (even when we know we’ve set an alarm), keeping our loved ones happy, teaching our kids right from wrong, making enough money to pay the bills and have a little extra for spending… the list goes on. And while this list might look a little different for each person, one thing remains true: We all worry! This probably won’t change anytime soon. However, it is important to note that all worrying isn’t acceptable. If your worry has reached the point of causing you significant distress, it is unhealthy and needs to be addressed.

Anxiety is extreme or excessive worry. And it can cause serious harm if it isn’t dealt with properly. If you think that your worry is a little more serious than your occasional concerns, consider working with an anxiety therapist or psychologist. These professionals specialize in helping people to understand and manage their harmful symptoms. They can prove valuable to your life, whether you’re dealing with generalized anxiety or a more specific anxiety disorder.

“I have anxiety. And I’m treating my anxiety. I’m on medication for my anxiety. Why am I saying this? Because it’s a completely normal thing. More and more people should talk openly about it.” –Anushka Sharma

Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale has anxiety therapists and psychologists in Broward, FL who are ready and eager to help you manage your anxiety. They dedicate their work to providing their clients with the best possible care, equipped with the right knowledge, skills, training, and experience. If you think that you might have an anxiety disorder on your hands, reach out to Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale in Broward County today. Give us a call at (754) 400-5514 whenever you feel ready to schedule your first appointment. We’ll be here.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety?

Do you find yourself worrying excessively on a day to day basis? Do you feel anxious in specific situations, such as when you’re meeting new people or speaking publicly? Are you exhibiting other symptoms of anxiety like a fast heartbeat or fatigue? The signs and symptoms of anxiety can vary from person to person. That being said, if you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you might have anxiety, of which a professional at Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale in Broward County can help you manage.

Here is a list of common anxiety symptoms, some of which we mentioned previously:

  • Excessive, uncontrollable worry
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Stiff muscles
  • Nausea

Do any of these symptoms sound all too familiar? Are you exhibiting any of these symptoms on a regular basis? You don’t have to try to manage them by yourself. Find help and guidance in an anxiety therapist at Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale in Broward, FL. Our providers can help you to understand potential causes or triggers of your anxiety, learn how to manage your symptoms, and ultimately live a happier, healthier life.

Different Types of Anxiety: 5 Common Disorders

Some of us experience anxiety on a normal daily basis. Others experience anxiety in specific situations. Here are the 5 main types of anxiety disorders:

  1. Generalized Anxiety Disorder: This disorder is characterized by your everyday worry. Those with Generalized Anxiety might feel anxious even when there is no apparent cause or trigger.
  2. Social Anxiety Disorder: Social Anxiety Disorder is characterized by anxiety in social situations. Individuals with social anxiety might feel anxious in all social situations or specific cases such as when they’re meeting someone for the first time.
  3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is characterized by anxiety rooted in trauma. Traumatic events include physical assault, emotional abuse, natural disaster, and more.
  4. Panic Disorder: Panic Disorder is characterized by intense fear accompanied by physical symptoms like shortness of breath and a racing heart. Many mistaken panic attacks for heart attacks.
  5. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is characterized by recurrent, unwanted thoughts and repetitive behaviors that an individual can’t avoid.

Are you interested in Broward therapy for anxiety? If you think you might be dealing with one of these disorders (or another form of anxiety), let Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale in Broward County help. You are not alone.

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If you’re struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings, consider working with an anxiety therapist or psychologist at Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale in Broward. We have providers on staff who specialize in helping clients (just like you) to manage their anxiety and live better. You can schedule your appointment today. Just give us a call at (754) 400-5514.

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