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Online Therapy Counseling in Fort Lauderdale, FL—Online Therapists in Broward

Are you searching for Broward therapy? Have you ever considered working with an online therapist? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale offers online therapy counseling and we have appointments available. Many people find that working with online therapists is the best option for them when it comes to receiving mental health services. To hear more about our online therapy opportunities or to schedule your first appointment, reach out today.

Scheduling an appointment at Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale, FL is easy. Just call us at (754) 400-5514. Our team is dedicated to helping all of Broward county find and receive the therapy, counseling, or life coaching they are in search of. Call us right now to schedule your first online therapy session or hear more.

Broward Therapy: What Is Online Therapy? How Can It Help Me?

Online therapy counseling is just as it sounds: it’s working with an online therapist instead of an in-person therapist. These therapists are licensed, as well as skilled and experienced, just as the therapists you would see in a normal in-person session. The big difference is that you do the work over the phone, video, or email. Let’s explore these options further:

  1. Online phone therapy: One option for online therapy is phone therapy. This simply involves scheduling a day and time to work with your therapist, and then answering the phone when they call! You’ll have a specific window of time for your session, just as you would in-person.
  2. Online video therapy: Another option for online counseling therapy is video therapy. This is a lot like phone therapy. The only real difference is that you meet with your therapist via video chat instead of the phone. Some people prefer video therapy to phone therapy because it has a face-to-face element.
  3. Online email therapy: A third option for online therapy is email or chat therapy. This differs from the latter two options in that it occurs over a longer period of time. Instead of chatting or emailing back and forth for an hour, you will chat or email over an extended period, just like you do with others.

Online therapy proves to be the right option for many people seeking mental health services. For example, a lot of people struggle to fit appointments into their schedule, especially those who have work and school. Or, they struggle to find a therapy practice with an office nearby. Online therapy solves this problem, as you can work with your therapist from wherever you want (as long as you have phone or internet access).

Is Online Therapy Right for Me? What Are Online Therapy Benefits?

If you’ve never heard of online counseling therapy or looked into online therapy opportunities, you might be wondering how it’s beneficial. Here are a couple major benefits that lead people to work with online therapists:

  • Convenience is key: The #1 benefit of online therapy for many people is that it is the most convenient form of therapy. As we mentioned earlier, working an appointment into one’s schedule or getting to an appointment is frustrating and causes many people not to schedule an appointment. Online therapy solves this problem by offering convenience: You can attend your online therapy sessions anywhere you want to, as long as you have access to your phone or the internet.
  • Comfort, as an added benefit: In addition to convenience, online therapy counseling is comfortable. As we touched on above, you can attend your online therapy session anywhere you please, even from the comfort of your bed or couch. Additionally, you might feel more comfortable talking with your therapist over the phone, video chat, or email, versus meeting them in-person.

If you’re looking for Broward therapy, and you’re excited about the benefits of online therapy, get therapy online today at Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale.

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If you’re interested in working with a therapist, counselor, or life coach, but you need a convenient option, consider online therapy at Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale. You can get therapy online today. Just give us a call at (754) 400-5514 whenever you are ready to schedule your first appointment or to hear more about the services offered at Thriveworks Fort Lauderdale. You can also schedule online here. We have next-day appointments available.

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