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Some would say that adolescence is one of the most challenging stages of life to navigate, for both the parents and the teen. Most people don’t even want to go back to that time in their life. Those who go back may have forgotten the internal struggles that they had to deal with during that time. Or they were fortunate enough not to have had these issues that needed attention.

Teens that are currently going through this stage of their lives have a very different perspective on things and values than adults do. There are cognitive, emotional, social, and physical differences, which is why parents and adults have a hard time understanding teens. Their brain isn’t as developed, leading to impulsiveness and poor judgment, so there needs to be a significant level of care when dealing with teens.

This group of teens is continually growing and learning, testing their limits with parents. If your teen could benefit from adolescent counseling, contact the Thriveworks Columbus Polaris office at (614) 356-8565.

Why Choose Thriveworks Columbus Polaris Adolescent Therapy?

Families and their teens find tremendous benefits from meeting with a counselor or therapist for their teen. There are many reasons parents might seek help for their teens. Maybe there are personal issues or general concerns that parents have that could benefit from some therapy. Perhaps there is an academic issue. Whatever the case may be, adolescent therapy at Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio, is experienced in helping you. Some of the common issues that adolescents struggle with:

  • Social media addiction
  • Gaming addictions
  • Social anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Isolation
  • Perfectionism
  • Eating concerns
  • Difficulties socially
  • Discipline issues
  • Problems with school attendance
  • Isolation
  • Low self-esteem
  • Academic concerns

These are a few of the significant issues with which teenagers struggle. If you have any concerns about your child, adolescent therapy can be the best approach to helping them. As parents, it’s difficult to see your teen face any challenging problems on their own. The professionals at Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio Polaris office can give parents the help they need to get their teens back on track so that they can thrive. Teens must start therapy as soon as possible to begin preventing negative habits and severely low self-esteem.

There are situations where parents would bring their kids to adolescent therapy as they would any other regular checkup to keep their teens mentally and physically healthy. Other parents may only seek out counseling because they are concerned about their child. Whatever the reasons may be for your family, our team can be the best place to investigate your needs.

Adolescent therapy can not only help handle current emotional pains, but it can also help with any pain from the past. The whole point of this type of counseling is that they can grow to a much higher place of personal development. Teens must learn to grow in their empathy and compassion for their future out in society. Their growth in self-esteem can make them less fearful of failing, so they will continue to try new things and grow from those mistakes. Adolescent therapy can help teens become more resilient and confident so that they can be more likely to overcome obstacles in their life.

Techniques Used in Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent therapy can be painful because sometimes teens aren’t as cooperative as other clients. This dilemma is where the training the team at Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio, can help. We can find ways to connect with and understand even the most reluctant adolescent. After a connection has been established, we use a variety of different approaches to understand teens better and work with them to set goals to help them as they grow. Some of the strategies used might include:

  • Talk therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Teaching self-awareness
  • Teaching teens healthy coping skills
  • Teaching mindfulness skills such as meditation
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Each teenager is different, which is why the team at Thriveworks Columbus, Ohio (Polaris) observe each client from which to create an individualized treatment plan. This process is a collaborative effort among the parents, teen, and counselor to determine what the goals of treatment are as well as how we intend to help achieve those goals. After every session, teenagers should feel as though they are making progress towards growing and developing into the adults they want to be, with the confidence they need to succeed.

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Adolescent therapy can make a huge difference in your teenager’s life. The team at Thriveworks Columbus Polaris, is highly trained to deal with the unique challenges that adolescent counseling brings. You can contact us and make an appointment with a counselor explicitly assigned to your case. We offer regular M-F daytime hours, or you can schedule appointments for the evening or weekends if that’s more convenient. We accept most major insurance plans, so it may not be as expensive as you think it is. If your teenager could benefit from adolescent therapy, contact Thriveworks Columbus Polaris office at (614) 356-8565.

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