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What does the day ahead of you hold in store? If you are like many others, your to-do list is filled with work, errands, a lot of things you have to check off the list. Tomorrow may be more of the same. Wake up, go to work, pick up groceries, clean the house, go to sleep, start the cycle again the next day. What if life were not a boring cycle, but there were more things you want to do on your calendar? Many people are learning how to life their lives proactivity and building a bigger want-to list and a smaller to-do list. They are working with a life coach to learn how.

“I’ve seen the power of Life Coaching firsthand and
I know how beneficial it can be.”
—Leeza Gibbons

In many ways, life coaches are no different than athletic coaches. They guide, encourage, support, and challenge. They help people make reasonable but challenging goals, and often, people achieve more and more of those goals with their help.

If you are ready to work with a life coach, know that Thriveworks Chicago has appointments available. Our life coaches have experience helping all kinds of people achieve all kinds of goals, and they are also licensed mental health professionals.

Coaching for All of Life: Setting Goals

“The thing about goals is that living without them is a lot more fun,
in the short run. It seems to me, though, that
the people who get things done, who lead,
who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals.”
—Seth Godin

A significant body of research confirms Seth Godin’s claims: setting a goal can bring growth and impact. Goals, in many ways, are the key to cultivating a happy, exciting life because goals simply help people prioritize what they care about most. Without a goal, any distraction can capture people’s attention and actions. With a goal, many people stay focused upon their priorities, upon their want-to list.

Goals can and should be about anything that people want out of life—personally or professionally. The following is a list of the varied types of goals people can make, and this list is not even exhaustive. Think about the various aspects of your own life… Is there anywhere you want to grow? Prioritize? Achieve? Set a goal.

  • Finances: What sort of relationship do you want to have with your money? What can you achieve with what you have?
  • Career: Where and how can you put your talents to use in the work world? What environments spur your creativity and can sustain work for a lifetime? What would fulfilling, satisfying work look like to you?
  • Fun: How are you energized and restored? What or who makes you smile? When can you take a deep breath and relax? What would it look like to prioritize fun?
  • Family: Who is your family? What do you want your family to be like? What kind of relationships can you cultivate with your partner, spouse, siblings, parents, children, in-laws?
  • Health: Could a change in your health improve your life? Is it time to find treatment for a mental or physical health issue? What could life be like with a healthier mind and body?
  • Education: What educational opportunities do you have and want to delve into? Do you have a mentor? What is on your reading list? Is there an experiencing you want to understand?
  • Creativity: How do you create and express yourself? What would making space for art look like in your life? Being a patron? Rediscovering a lost talent?

The Details: Setting Helpful Goals

Life coaches often help their clients set realistic but challenging goals. While the goal can be about any topic, helpful goals often follow the same pattern. A beneficial form means that goals are…

  1. Given a Deadline: When a goal is time bound, there is a finish line and an end to the sacrifice. A timeline often motivates people because they see a light at the end of the tunnel. The sacrifice is worth it, and it for the short-term.
  2. Documented: Putting goals into words and writing them down can give them power. When goals are documented, they can be reviews. They can focus people’s attention when they feel unfocused. Written goals can be motivation for inevitable difficulty and setbacks.
  3. Specific: The more details a goal has, often the better goal it is. For example, a vague goal is to exercise more. A detailed goal is to exercise for 30 minutes, three times this week. Specific goals are measurable, so people know if the goal has been achieved and feel the reward from their accomplishment.
  4. Shared: Everyone needs help and an ally when they are going after a goal. Let friends and family members who will be supportive know what your goals are. Ask for their help when appropriate. Many people, of course, lean upon their life coach as well.

Appointments for Life Coaching at Thriveworks Chicago, IL

Are you ready to work with a life coach? Is there a personal or professional goal you want to achieve? The life coaches at Thriveworks Chicago are ready to support you in your achievement. When you call our office, know that a real person will answer the phone and help you make an appointment. You may be meeting with your life coach the following day. We accept many insurance plans. We also offer weekend and evening appointments.

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