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Most addicts realize sooner or later that they have a problem. Whether it be prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, comfort food, sex with complete strangers, gambling, shopping or whatever, sooner or later they realize that their addiction is now out of their control and that it’s no fun anymore. This moment of realization would be a great time to call an Cambridge addiction counselor.

Unfortunately, many addicts do not seek help at the moment of realization. They continue on their downward spiral and things get worse and worse before they seek help, or someone seeks it for them. They lie and cheat and deny. They lose their jobs or their savings or their health. They destroy trust and ultimately the love that others have for them. And then maybe they die. That’s about as bleak an outlook for an addict as you can get, but nevertheless, without help, it becomes a realistic outlook.

Addition Counseling and Therapy

The best way to break the chains of addiction is with professional help. Our Cambridge addiction counselors and psychologists provide the best options for qualified, professional assistance in this city, for both the addict and their loved ones. There are three primary courses of therapy for an addict:

  • Group therapy. The addict joins his or her peers to give and receive support in the struggle against addiction. No-one knows better what a recovering addict is going through other than another addict.
  • Individual therapy. The addict meets one-on-one with their therapist to discover the deeper cause of the addiction and also to strategize the recovery plan going forward
  • Family therapy. Addiction affects the loved ones of addicts. There is often anger and hard feelings in the air. Family therapy aims to see if the family unit can be healed during and after recovery.

If you realize that you have a problem with addiction or dependence, please don’t leave it too late to call us. The earlier you call, the earlier we can help you regain control of your life. Even if you feel your problems would have never been heard of before, trust us when we say that we are professional addiction counselors who are ready to deal with anything.

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