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What’s it All About? Anger Counseling Explained – Therapists in Cambridge

Anger counseling can seem intimidating to people who have no experience with it. Often potential clients worry that it won’t help them or that their counselor won’t understand their unique issues. We’ve come up with a simple guide that explains who may benefit from anger counseling and how the process works.

People who seek out anger counseling come from all backgrounds

There is no specific demographic of people who seek out anger counseling. Both men and women have issues. Some have pasts filled without violent, angry outbursts, while others internalize it to a degree that is destroying their lives.

How to know if you need help with your anger

Simply feeling angry doesn’t mean you need anger counseling. Anger is nothing more than an emotion and everyone feels it at some time in their lives. However, someone may need help with their anger if one or more of the following are true:

  • They respond violently to anger.
  • They withdraw from the world when they’re angry.
  • They have a history of serious consequences from their anger.
  • They are worried about their anger.
  • Their family or loved ones are worried about their anger.

Anger counseling works in several different ways

Anger counseling generally doesn’t try to help clients stop feeling anger. Instead, it treats anger as a symptom of a larger problem. Depending on your situation, your counselor may help you dig deep to understand the underlying causes of your anger.

They may also simply help you identify triggers and find better ways to handle them. For example, a person who is always angry at a specific person at work may discover that the real issue is that they don’t feel respected or heard. Your anger counselor may be able to help you assert yourself in a healthy way that empowers you without requiring you to resort to anger or violence.

The reality is that everyone with anger issues is different. Their path forward is different than anyone else’s. As a result, Thriveworks Cambridge Counseling & Coaching seeks to provide customized, personalized assistance to every client.

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