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Have you ever wished everything was different? Have you ever stirred in the morning and wished your life was actually a nightmare that you could wake up from? Are you moving through the motions of your life without any real joy or even any emotion at all? You feel isolated, confused, and frustrated. You feel trapped in a life you do not want. How can you make a change? How can you change the trajectory of your life?

Perhaps the answer to these questions is an excellent life coaching session. You do not have to make these changes alone. The life coaches at Thriveworks Cambridge have the expertise and experience to make real change a possibility in your life. You do not have to struggle alone. The coaches at Thriveworks Cambridge life coaching are experts in their field. They have helped clients just like you reach their goals and realize their dreams. We all experience hardships and blocks on our road to success.

Emotional, financial, and psychological problems get in the way of realizing our dreams. It can be very difficult to set these struggles aside and really focus on progress and achievement.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

What if your life could be different in the blink of an eye? What would you do first? Where would you go? Where would you live? How would you feel? What exactly would be different? In life coaching, we call these the “Miracle Questions.” Life coaches use this exercise to guide clients into imagining and communicating the true desires of their heart. The daily tasks of life can make it difficult to even be aware of what we really want in life. This “miracle question” exercise can be helpful in getting past the static and noise of daily life.

When we were children, we all had dreams of what we wanted to be when we grew up. An astronaut, an actress, a racecar driver, a writer; these are the things of children’s dreams. While these careers may not be realistic goals in adulthood, it is important to remember and reactivate that drive and optimism of our youth. Having a little of that enthusiasm in adulthood and applying it to our current goals is a worthy exercise. An experienced and trained life coach can help you find the exuberance of your youth.

Was it difficult for you to answer the miracle questions above? Can you not even imagine how you want to change your life? This is a common problem, and an experienced life coach can help guide you to realize your potential. You may just have a feeling of being unsettled, or discontented. You know you want things to be different, you just do not know what specific changes you want to put into place.

Be Careful When Seeking a Life Coach in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Some may call life coaching a trend. However, it is here to stay. Unfortunately, since it is one of the more recent trends in counseling therapy type care, there has not been proper oversight and regulation of this area. There are no state licensing requirements by any governing body. Literally anyone can call himself or herself a life coach. It is also common to see advertisements for health coaches, personal coaches, and fitness coaches. It is very important to exercise caution when looking for a life coach.

You can trust that the coaches at Thriveworks Cambridge life coaching are professional, trained, and educated. All of our life coaches are highly experienced and are ready and able to help you reach your goals. When you conducted the search that brought you to this page, you were probably overwhelmed with many choices and options. It is a scary world full of precarious options. You can feel safe in your choice of a Thriveworks cambridge life coach.

Thriveworks coaches are leaders in their field. We are very selective in choosing our life coaches. Thriveworks counselors, therapists, and coaches have been featured in leading publications, such as The Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, the Chicago Tribune, Prevention, Psychiatric Times, Atlanta Journal Constitution, and the Journal of Mental Health Counseling. We are ready to put our expertise to work for you.

Growth Focused Life Coaching

Counseling usually attempts to assist individuals transition from pain to healing. Therapists and mental health professionals can make use of certain scales to measure this change from hurt to health. For example, a negative 5 would be a very painful place, and 0 would be neutral. Alternatively, life coaching works to attempt to bring a person from neutral to positive, such as from 0 to a positive 5, which would include happiness, peace, and fulfillment.

We can not always measure our lives so simply in numbers and scales. Our lives are made up of many varying facets and factors. In each, we can experience extreme pain and extreme joy. We see examples of this in the world around us. We see successful musicians and athletes, who have achieved amazing success in their careers, but whose personal lives are in shambles. We may also know people personally who appear to have it all, but then suddenly fall from grace very suddenly and unexpectedly.

In life coaching, there are various aspects of life that we look at to determine success. In each category, a certain measure could be given, from 1 to 10.

These include:

  • Physical environment
  • Career
  • Money
  • Health
  • Friends and family
  • Romance
  • Personal growth
  • Fun and recreation

How would you rank yourself in each of these categories? Would you give yourself a positive 10 in any area? Would you give yourself a negative 10 in any area? Whatever you would rank yourself in a certain category, this may change in the very next moment. We have all experienced sudden and life changing events that make us plummet into the negatives. We cannot anticipate the challenges that life has in store for us. What we can anticipate is that we will face challenges. Being prepared to face these challenges is an important task, and one that a Thriveworks life coach can assist you with.

The famous psychologist Erich Fromm once wrote, “Man always dies before he is fully born.” When you first read this, it may sound like a pessimistic thought. However, it is actually the exact opposite. As humans, we are always attempting to achieve more during our short time on Earth. Whether in our careers or personal relationships, we can never accomplish everything we want or make a perfect 10 in every category. We can always challenge ourselves to do more.

Let’s Get To Work: Your First Life Coaching Session within 24 Hours

Thriveworks Cambridge life coaching is and willing to help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams. We believe that it is important to have appointments available and be ready when you are ready to contact us. Most counseling or life coaching offices operate with a waiting list. We pride ourselves on not having a waiting list, and on having appointments available within 24 hours. We have extended hours and can work around your busy life and schedule.

We understand that calling us may not be an easy decision for you. This may be a decision that you have struggled with for weeks, or even years. You may have looked up our number so many times that you have it memorized. Or perhaps this is the first time you have thought about contacting a life coach, and you are so excited about the possibility of change in your life. You have a lot of commitments in your life; a lot of responsibility. Make a commitment to yourself. Do something positive for yourself.

Your dreams have sat on the back burner long enough. Make the change that needs to happen. Take the first step by giving us a call. Thriveworks life coaches are sitting by, ready to help and walk with you on this journey. It would be our honor to speak with you.

Call Thriveworks Cambridge and connect with an excellent Life Coach.

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