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Dalton and his father have been at odds with each other for years. Though they’ve gotten close to a resolution many times, inevitably, something just goes wrong. Family gatherings and holidays remain tense, and the rest of their relatives are forced to walk on eggshells around them. Though Dalton knows that they love each other, it feels like they don’t have the larger perspective needed to resolve their differences. 

That’s why Dalton is looking to book them a session with a family therapist. Dalton hopes that by talking to a mental health professional—someone who specializes in family issues—he and his father can begin to patch up their relationship. Though he knows that there’s a long way to go if they’re to find common ground, Dalton is hopeful that he and his father’s connection can be repaired with time. 

Like Dalton, you may also be faced with negative family dynamics that are pushing you into a negative headspace. But there’s still hope through family therapy at Thriveworks in Boynton Beach, FL. Talk to your relatives and decide if a family therapist could have a positive impact. And when you’re ready, our providers will be here to help. 

Does Our Family Need to See a Therapist? 

This is a question that only you and your family members can truly answer. Dealing with uncomfortable or tense family relationships can be hard, especially when relatives are living together. Sharing a living space requires a balance and communication between everyone there to avoid conflict. Even family connections that are separated by distance need healthy boundaries to function properly. If you’re unsure of whether your family is having issues or not, some common indications of unhealthy family dynamics may include: 

  • Child or teen behavioral issues with unknown origins: kids may act out at school or at home to express anger or fear in different ways 
  • Tension during extended periods of time spent together such as holidays or vacations 
  • Ongoing frustration or resentment towards each other
  • Tense, explosive arguments about finances or future planning 
  • Differing viewpoints or unreconciled events 

Since family dynamics are unique to each household, it’s important to talk openly and honestly with your Thriveworks provider about the issues that are affecting your family. And while you’re giving your family therapist feedback, you can trust that your personal information will be kept confidential and secure, Like each of our many locations across the country, our Boynton Beach, FL office adheres to HIPAA’s tight privacy regulations. 

How Can Family Therapy Help Us?

Family therapists are able to assist relatives with difficult situations that have caused emotional turmoil, or that are hard to talk about alone. Some of the situations that family therapists can assist with include: 

  • Deaths within the family that have occurred without time to process the event 
  • Addiction to drugs or alcohol in response to stress 
  • Untreated or potentially undiagnosed mental illness or disorders that family members are suffering from, like ADHD or depression 
  • Stress from caring for a disabled or elderly member 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Undiagnosed behavioral issues 
  • Residual anger or resentment between relatives over perceived wrongs or shortcomings
  • Communication skills that aren’t fully developed, resulting in constant arguments and bickering

Family therapists can also assist relatives as they talk through difficult conversations, acting as a mediator and supportive guide. When you and your loved ones are ready, a family therapist at Thriveworks in Boynton Beach, FL can help you close the distance and repair your relationships. 

Schedule a Family Therapy Session at Thriveworks in Boynton Beach, FL

When you and your family decide that you’re ready to talk with a mental health professional, you can call our office to get started. Someone from our scheduling team will be standing by to help you get started. Our support team is available seven days a week, so everything from setting up your insurance to finding the right family therapist is made easy. And if you choose to enroll, you’ll also get access to benefits, like: 

  • Q/a chat line with our life coaches
  • Access to a digital edition of “Leaving Depression Behind” and other valuable electronic resources 
  • Weekend and evening availability usually not offered by other providers 
  • Ability to email your counselor in-between appointments as needed
  • No waitlist

While it can take some time to decide if you need professional assistance, it’s better to be honest about the difficulties that you’re experiencing, so that you and your family can find common ground. Though not everyone may agree that seeking mental health services is the right solution, any family stands to benefit from discussing their situation with a licensed mental health professional. 

If you’re interested in discovering the difference that family therapy at Thriveworks in Boynton Beach, FL can offer, then call us today to get started. You and your loved ones don’t have to navigate the challenges you’re faced with alone. 

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