Bellevue Therapy

My clinical approach is driven by my belief that people have the right to be themselves and lead fulfilling lives according to their values and culture. People know best what works for them and have the innate power to discover solutions for themselves. I also possess a strong faith in the ability and resiliency of people to make the necessary changes to thrive in their lives.

Bellevue Therapy: How It Works

Since therapy involves a major commitment of self, time, money and energy, individuals should be very thoughtful about the therapist they select. I encourage people to make sure they feel comfortable with me and my approach in order to begin therapy. Throughout our time together, I will elicit feedback on how the therapeutic process is working for you.

Therapy starts with an examination and evaluation of the presenting concern. I then work with clients to establish their personal goals. My approach involves attending to all of you–your feelings, sensations, thoughts, actions, and your whole life situation. When you become aware of yourself as a whole, you become better able to navigate whatever may be currently troubling you, and prepares you for whatever the future may bring and integrates conflicting parts of yourself onto a satisfying well-functioning whole.

Bellevue Therapy Is Here For You

Therapeutic change occurs by helping people express and own their painful emotions and experiences within the safety of a therapeutic relationship.A safe therapeutic relationship also provides a nonjudgmental environment where people are safe to express their deepest thoughts and emotions. We help people better understand their feelings, thoughts, interpersonal patterns, values as well as the roots of their current difficulties. In addition, Bellevue Therapy Counselors actively seek out the fundamental strengths in each individual.

We also address the impact of internalized oppression on our daily lives. We know firsthand the harm society’s preconceived ideas can have on the individual spirit. We strive to ensure all therapy is culturally appropriate. We believe these factors help people move beyond their current challenges and experience hope, healing and growth. The ultimate goal of therapy is to remove the barriers which are preventing you from living your best life.

Our style is to take an empathic, active, honest, non-judgmental and direct approach. Bellevue Therapy Counselors are here to help people thrive; take action on the things which are important for you, move in a direction that is valuable and worthy, identify values and experience a powerful sense of strength and vitality.

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