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Depression can make us feel completely hopeless, not to mention worthless and unmotivated. It steals our drive to get out of bed, take a shower, go to work, and run through simple day to day motions. It can even cause us to forget about and avoid our loved ones. We might even convince ourselves that they don’t really care about us or that they’re better off without us.

Depression is more than sadness. It’s a deep despair that can seep into every area of your life, making daily functioning difficult. Whether you develop mild, medium, or severe depression symptoms, it is crucial that you talk to someone and secure the support that you need. Fortunately, depression is highly treatable. You can learn to manage your symptoms and recover. Often, though, this makes working with a depression therapist.

The depression therapists and psychologists at Thriveworks Counseling in Attleboro, MA are fully equipped to help you manage your depression. They possess the important understanding that every single case of depression is different, which means that it requires personalized treatment. Your depression therapist will consult your symptoms and work with you to develop the very best treatment plan. Their ultimate goal is to help you live better, whether that means living a happier or more successful life—or both! To begin working with one of our depression specialists, just call our office. We have in-person and online counseling appointments available.

What Are the Primary Symptoms of Depression?

When we enter a state of depression, we might tell ourselves that everything’s fine or normal. That we’re just feeling down and that we’ll feel like ourselves again soon. But more often than not, that is not the case. We don’t return to normal until we put in the work to heal. This involves working through our symptoms, understanding potential causes, and garnering support from others.

All of that said, we can’t begin to manage or heal from our depression if we don’t first identify the problem. To better understand whether you’ve dipped into a state of depression, consider and familiarize yourself with the symptoms of depression. “Some of the signs and symptoms of depression could be: depressed mood for days and throughout the day, weight loss and not having energy after a night of sleep, feeling worthless, and having a challenging time concentrating. At times, thoughts of ending your life,” says Oren Shtayermman, PhD, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker at the Attleboro office. Here is a more detailed list of symptoms:

  • Depressed mood, which can present as a deep despair and feelings of hopelessness
  • Changes in energy and/or activity levels
  • Reduced interest in once enjoyed activities
  • Significant changes in weight or appetite
  • Sleep disturbances (e.g., trouble falling or staying asleep)
  • Fatigue
  • Worthlessness
  • Diminished ability to concentrate
  • Thoughts of suicide or self-harm

If you are experiencing a combination of the above depression symptoms, be sure to speak with a health professional. This might mean having an initial conversation with your primary care doctor and then getting a referral for a mental health professional. Or, it might mean finding a depression therapist yourself. If you’re in the Attleboro area, consider working with a depression therapist at our office.

How Does Depression Therapy Work?

As we mentioned earlier, the depression therapists at our office in Attleboro recognize the importance of individualized treatment, especially for depression. They will look at your specific symptoms and listen to your experience to then develop the best plan for treatment. Shtayermman explains further: “Therapy can assist significantly in addressing symptoms and signs of depression. In most cases, we would like to explore the duration and timeline of the symptoms, examining changes in life that may have caused and triggered depression symptoms (death of a loved one or divorce for example), It is also beneficial to examine what sort of thoughts are associated with these feelings and their origin. This will help in creating specific treatment goals to ensure success of treatment.”

In developing your treatment plan, your depression therapist might consider incorporating techniques from…

  1. Interpersonal therapy: This approach focuses on helping the individual resolve personal problems that may have led to or contributed to their depression. For example, people are at a greater risk of developing depression after going through a difficult breakup or losing a loved one.
  2. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): CBT, on the other hand, focuses on helping the individual overcome their negative thinking patterns. You will learn how harmful negative thinking is and how you can embrace the power of positive thinking instead.
  3. Psychodynamic therapy: Finally, this approach narrows in on the person’s overall view of life and the world around them. This is especially helpful when the individual is struggling to find meaning and fulfillment.

Your depression therapist will put you and your needs first. They’ll identify which type of therapy will best benefit you and then help you advance in treatment as quickly as possible.

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Scheduling an appointment at our office is simple. All you have to do is call our office and a scheduling specialist will walk you through the quick process with ease. If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression, consider dialing our number now. We have therapists and psychologists who are eager to help you feel better.

Our depression therapists are excited about the chance to work with you. They will do their best to help you find and sustain greater health and happiness. Call us today.

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