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The hard-hitting truth is that sometimes we make life harder on ourselves. One primary example is our tendency to worry—to think of worst-case scenarios. We then play these scenarios out in our heads over and over again. We worry about getting fired (for absolutely no   good reason); we worry about our significant others leaving us (again, for absolutely no good reason). And we even convince ourselves that this is or will become our reality. As a result, our minds and our bodies respond to these worst case scenarios as if they are our reality. Our heart rate speeds up, our palms start to sweat, and our mind begins racing uncontrollably.

“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.” –Charles Spurgeon

Everything we’re talking about can be summed up in one word: anxiety. This one, little word represents a major problem in today’s society. Many of us suffer from anxiety, or uncontrollable worry, on a day to day basis. We worry about the aforementioned events, but we also worry about more mundane as well as more serious occurrences. This anxiety can have a major impact on life as we know it: it can harm our work, our relationships, and our overall functioning.

Fortunately, anxiety is highly treatable. If you’ve recognized that you have an anxiety problem, it’s important that you reach out for help. An anxiety therapist at Thriveworks Counseling in Attleboro, MA can provide you with this help. Our team of skilled, caring anxiety specialists have the tools, the training, and the experience to help you better understand and manage your anxiety. To get to work with one of these professionals, just give our office a call. A scheduling specialist will be happy to get you booked for your first session.

Do I Have Anxiety? What Are the Symptoms?

Yes, it is normal to worry… on occasion. When you start worrying more often than not, however, it becomes a problem. Again, anxiety is excessive, uncontrollable worry. It is accompanied by harmful mental and physical symptoms that can further hinder your life. These symptoms can vary in presentation and severity on a case by case basis. However, there are common symptoms. “The major signs and symptoms of anxiety include: excessive worry, stress that is out of proportion to a specific event or situation, fear, racing heart, irritability, racing thoughts, feeling of impending doom, nausea, sweating, difficulty sleeping and lack of concentration,” explains Paige Hartmann, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at our Attleboro office.

If you’re worrying excessively and presenting any combination of the above, it’s important that you speak with a professional who can help you manage your anxiety. Fortunately, there are many techniques that can help you learn to put your thoughts into perspective, cut back on the worrying, and ultimately live a better, less-stressed life. Your anxiety therapist at Thriveworks in Attleboro will do their best to help you find success in treatment.

What Kind of Anxiety Do I Have?

In addition to anxiety about random, day to day incidents, there are additional anxiety disorders that revolve around a central theme. Here are a couple of common anxiety disorders:

  1. Social Anxiety Disorder: Social anxiety occurs in (you guessed it) social situations. One might experience social anxiety almost every time they interact with others or in more specific social situations such as when they are the center of attention or forced to speak publicly.
  2. PostTraumatic Stress Disorder: PTSD is characterized by anxiety that relates back to the individual’s trauma. The individual will experience symptoms characteristic of anxiety when they encounter sounds, noises, sights, even smells that remind them of the traumatic event.

There are other anxiety disorders too: obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and specific phobias. In any case, an anxiety therapist or psychologist at Thriveworks Attleboro can step in and make a difference. “Therapy can help an individual manage their anxiety by first identifying possible triggers/warning signs that can cause anxiety.  Once triggers/warning signs are identified, the therapist and individual will work together to establish positive coping skills to help manage and reduce anxiety,” Hartmann explains.

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Our team of anxiety specialists is here and ready to help you. We understand that anxiety can be frustrating—even debilitating. But you don’t have to keep suffering. We can help you begin to manage your anxiety and, in turn, live a happier, more successful life.

To schedule your anxiety therapy appointment, just call our office. A scheduling specialist will walk you through the simple process. Keep in mind that we have both in-person and online counseling appointments available. Both options can prove effective—it all comes down to your needs and preferences!

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