Psychological Testing and Assessment in Alexandria, VA (Franconia)

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Psychological Testing and Assessment in Alexandria, VA (Franconia)

Counseling and therapy are designed to help people work through their given mental health and life challenges. Life coaching is designed to help people find greater success and fulfillment in different areas of their life. Now, both counseling and life coaching can prove instrumental to one’s thriving in life. But sometimes, another service is necessary to achieving this mission: psychological testing and assessment.

Psychological testing helps a person get to know him or herself better, including why they think the way that they do or why they behave the way that they do. It can also help them explore their skills, as related to personal and professional development. Additionally, it can give insight into what mental health condition someone might have on their hands, especially if they are experiencing symptoms that are central to many different illnesses.

Thriveworks Alexandria, VA (Franconia) is proud to offer psychological testing and assessment to our clients, both onsite and online. You can call us to set up your appointment for psychological testing today: (703) 828-9054. We look forward to your call and going on this journey with you!

What Exactly Is Psychological Testing and How Does It Work?

Psychological tests measure one’s thought process, traits, cognitive functioning, and more. The psychologists at Thriveworks Alexandria, VA (Franconia) might determine that several forms of testing can help them gather the information they are looking for. For instance, the following can reveal important information:

  • Observation of one’s behaviors
  • Formal psychological assessment
  • One-on-one interviews or surveys

In summary, psychological testing and assessment can look different from person-to-person, depending on why they are seeking psychological testing and what their needs are. Psychological testing is especially beneficial when a question about mental health or about how one thinks comes up,” says Sean Hayes PsyD of Thriveworks Counseling in Sterling, VA. “Why am I having problems paying attention in school? What types of intelligence am I the strongest in, and how can I use my strengths to find a good career fit? Many questions can be addressed with appropriate testing.”

That said, the main purpose of psychological testing is to help the individual better understand how they can live a happier, healthier, and/or more successful from here on out. For example, if someone pursues psychological testing to better understand their personality traits or behaviors, and their test leads to the diagnosis of a personality disorder, this can inform treatment that helps them better function in day to day life.

Psychological Tests at Thriveworks Alexandria, VA (Franconia)

We are happy to offer a few different psychological tests and assessments here at Thriveworks Alexandria, VA (Franconia). You can read a little about each one here:

  1. IQ Testing: Simply put, an IQ test—which is one of the most common psychological tests—assesses one’s cognitive abilities. It offers a score after measuring one’s intellectual abilities as well as their intellectual potential. Your provider will help you understand your scores, which often involves comparing your scores to other peoples’ scores in the same age group.
  2. ADHD Testing: This type of testing doesn’t rely solely on an actual test; instead, it involves interviews with both the individual and their family members, teachers, or other adults that spend a lot of time with the person. It can also involve questionnaires that measure ADHD symptoms.
  3. Personality Testing: Personality tests are pretty self-explanatory. They are used to assess one’s personality! Personality testing is important and can help to inform a clinical diagnosis, guide the course of treatment, and also explain why someone might behave a certain way.
  4. Cognitive and neuropsychological tests: Finally, cognitive and neuropsychological tests measure several different things including one’s memory, language and math skills, spatial skills, and more. These tests can be used to test for traumatic brain injury, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other conditions.

If you are looking for psychological testing services, for yourself or your child, consider reaching out to Thriveworks Alexandria, VA (Franconia). Our psychologists and other mental health providers can provide these tests in-person as well as online. The choice is yours. We’ll be happy to help in either setting.

Schedule an Appointment for Psychological Testing at Thriveworks Alexandria, VA (Franconia)

Thriveworks Alexandria, VA (Franconia) is here and ready to schedule an appointment for you. If you think that you or your child could benefit from IQ testing, ADHD testing, personality testing, or cognitive and neuropsychological testing, give our office a call at (703) 828-9054. Our scheduling team will help you schedule your in-person or online appointment for psychological testing. We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to your call!

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