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Early in a new relationship, simply being together with your partner transforms the most mundane tasks into sweet, romantic events. Even going to the store to buy ice cream with your partner can feel fun and exciting, just because you are together. But as time wears on, instead of enjoying a scoop of rocky road, life might feel more like a rocky road. The fun and excitement wears off in every relationship.

How is your relationship with your partner? Is there a specific issue that causes tension? Or has your relationship deteriorated so much that you tolerate each other without truly being partners?

Many couples facing difficulties have had the fun and excitement restored to their relationship by seeking professional help through couples or marriage counseling at Thriveworks Alexandria, VA.

Walking the Rocky Road

Divorce rates are staggering, but behind those numbers are individuals who are hurting. Families are torn apart. Relational hurt and pain abound. Splitting up takes a high relational toll on you, your partner, and anyone in your family.

All relationships have problems, but not all problems have to end in a divorce or break-up.

Yet, staying in an unhealthy relationship has its problems too. Maybe you and your partner are fighting over money, schedule, kids, or other life circumstance. Maybe the two of you ignore each other, living beside each other but not together as partners. Maybe lies or cheating have torn down the respect you have for each other. When these problems become normal, neither partner is healthy, safe, or happy.

All relationships have problems, and many of these problems have solutions.

The counselors/therapists and psychologists at Thriveworks Alexandria, VA have extensive experience in helping couples face an array of difficulties. Many couples who walk through our doors to see a Thriveworks counselor walk out with the skills they need to live in a healthy, fulfilling relationship. This process, of course, takes time and work.

How We Help

Communication is the key to any relationship. In our experience, communication breaks down in at least three ways.

  • Miscommunications: no two people see the world from the same perspective. Even two people who have the utmost respect for one another can get tripped up because they view the world so differently. It takes work to listen to someone whose perspective clashes with yours.
  • Underlying Habits/Events: couples can fall into habits that they do not realize they repeat. These can stem from one event, but regardless, partners may relate to each other with expectations and habits they do not even know they have.
  • Disrespect: if lying, cheating, stealing, or other disrespectful behaviors creep into a relationship, they destroy healthy communication. Disrespect destroys trust, the foundation of good communication.

Thriveworks Alexandria, VA counselors and psychologists are trained to address these problems inhibit communication. Our counselors know…

  • good communication techniques such as active listening. Theiveworks Alexandria, VA counselors have helped man couples practice new communication skills and take these new skills into daily life.
  • hurtful habits can underlie how couples relate to each other. Our counselors have worked with couples, bringing these habits to their awareness. When couples identify these harmful habits, they can pursue healthier ways of relating instead.
  • hard feelings underlie disrespectful behavior such as cheating or lying. Thriveworks Alexandria, VA counselors help their clients identify these feelings, and help the offended spouse express the harm the disrespect has caused. Then, our counselors offer trust-building exercises for the couple to complete.

Navigating relational strain is hard. Couples and marriage counselors at Thriveworks Alexandria, VA (Franconia) have the expertise to help.

Mending your relationship takes work, but the sooner couples pursue professional help, the sooner they get off their relational rocky road and get on with their healthier relationship.

Sound good to you? The first step toward a more fulfilling relationship is scheduling an appointment with Alexandria, VA couples and marriage counseling. We have appointments that fit your schedule and our therapists are ready to help.

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