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Hannah grew up in foster care and was adopted in high school. Her adoptive family was nice but never took her school performance seriously. For her entire childhood, Hannah struggled to read and communicate with her peers. As she grew older and started to live on her own, she had to teach herself the skills she never learned as a child. She has always wondered why she struggles more than others and often struggles mentally with her intellectual abilities.

If you can relate to what Hannah feels like or have always wondered if you have an intellectual disability, Thriveworks Alexandria (Franconia) has IQ testing services available to you. Also, our location can provide IQ testing services to children who may be struggling in school and at home. If think that you or your child could benefit from an IQ test, our team of professionals can conduct an assessment, provide a diagnosis, and help you develop a plan of action moving forward.

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What Is an Intellectual Disability?

Intellectual disabilities are characterized by a person’s inability to perform at an expected level in their daily life. This can show both in their intellectual functioning such as learning and problem-solving, as well as in their adaptive behavior such as social and practical skills. Typically, this disability comes to focus before the age of 18. In order to determine if someone has an intellectual disability, an IQ test is performed to gauge different areas. The test score you or your child receives might determine if an intellectual disability is present. To determine adaptive behavior, there are tests to cover:

  1. Practical Skills – activities of daily living such as healthcare, occupational skills, travel, schedules, safety, and the use of money
  2. Conceptual Skills – language, money, time, self-direction, and number concepts
  3. Social Skills – self-esteem, gullibility, social problem solving, ability to follow rules and obey laws, and interpersonal skills

Having an intellectual disability does not mean that someone will have to live less of a life than someone without. By seeking treatment, you can learn how to function better at home, work, or at school by also learning the importance of pride, self-worth, and self-identity. It’s crucial to not put yourself down for having this type of disability. You are not alone.

How Does IQ Testing Work?

Intellectual quotient testing, or IQ testing, is used to measure someone’s intellectual potential and can help diagnose intellectual disabilities. Sean Hayes PsyD of Thriveworks Counseling in Sterling, VA explains the process further: “Intelligence testing generally works by having a client answer questions and solve puzzles of several different types. These different types of tasks look at different kinds of intelligence like memory, processing speed, or ability to understand abstract ideas. We compare the results to many other people who have done the same tasks before and find out how far above or below those clients are from the averages of the people we already tested. From there we can find out how high or low they are on different types of intelligences. What we call an ‘IQ score’ is generally a combination of those different types of intelligence.”

An average IQ score is 100 and those who score in the 70s are borderline for an intellectual disability. Any score that is 69 and below is categorized as an intellectual disability and any score above 119 is considered superior. So, what does all of this mean? If your child receives a low score on their IQ test, their Thriveworks Alexandria provider might conduct additional testing to best create a plan of action based on their needs. IQ tests can provide insight and guidance for many different areas such as:

  • Educational assessment and placement into special education as needed
  • Assessment of memory, speed, and attention: how to improve in these areas with specific practicing tools

Schedule an IQ Test at Thriveworks Alexandria, VA in Franconia

IQ testing helps us better understand our intellectual capacity and learn how to work within our range. Here at Thriveworks, we want to help our clients fulfill all of their life’s goals and overcome obstacles. That’s why we pride ourselves on the ability to help our clients achieve happiness.

We are able to conduct IQ testing, as well as other psychological assessments, in-person and online. It’s understandable that schedules get busy and life gets crazy. That’s why we offer the convenience of online testing. Whatever option works best for you and your child, we can accommodate. To schedule your appointment is easy. Just call (571) 589-4042 to be connected with a scheduling specialist. Our appointment availability includes evenings and weekends.

We look forward to working with you to help you thrive.

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