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Difficulties with falling asleep or problems staying asleep are a disruptive but common experience. Some people fall asleep and sleep through the night easily, but for others, insomnia robs them of the full night’s sleep they need. At-home remedies for insomnia may work for a while, but they rarely bring the not long-term relief those who suffer from sleep disturbances need.

These at-home solutions may or may not bring relief, but cognitive behavior therapists have helped their clients overcome insomnia. Insomnia therapists can equip their clients with practical solutions that optimize sleeping conditions. Insomnia therapists can also go deep, identify any causes of the insomnia or anything that may be exacerbating it.

Is insomnia keeping you up at night? The therapists for insomnia in Agoura Hills, CA have helped many of their clients find the restful night’s sleep they need.

What Is Insomnia?

Kevin has a hard time falling asleep. Often, he won’t fall sleep for hours and only gets 2-3 hours of sleep each night. Sometimes, Kevin cannot fall asleep at all. He is tired, but he is awake most of the night.

Jenny seemingly sleeps all night, but each morning, she feels drained. Jenny knows sleep should help her feel better, but it doesn’t. Sleep leaves her exhausted and confused. Something is off, but she is not sure what.

Pat easily falls asleep each night, but in the middle of the night—every night—he wakes up. Instead of getting the long night’s sleep he needs, Pat sleeps for a few hours, then starts his day. Occasionally, he can return to sleep, but even with another hour or two of sleep before dawn, it’s not enough.

Kevin, Jenny, and Pat suffer from insomnia—a sleep disorder that affects many people. It can be acute: some people experience the sleep disruption for a few weeks or months, often along with stressful life changes. Insomnia can also be chronic: some people experience on-going sleep disruption that may have lasted for years.

Disruptive Sleep Disturbances

Whether insomnia is acute or chronic, disturbed sleep disrupts people’s daily life, often resulting in…

  1. Weight gain.
  2. Low sex drive.
  3. Inability to focus.
  4. Irritability.
  5. Driving accidents.

Sleep disruptions may lead to mental and physical health problems. Insomnia is linked with increased risk of…

  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Depression
  • The common cold and flu
  • Hyperthyroidism

Have you experienced any of these difficulties? If you have insomnia and struggle with its many unpleasant side effects, know that many people also suffer from sleep disruptions and many have also overcome them and found a restful night’s sleep. The insomnia therapists at Agoura Hills, CA have appointments available.

Insomnia Therapy Agoura Hills, CA

Our therapists are trained in cognitive behavior therapy, a multi-faceted approach to insomnia treatment. Our professionals have helped their clients with both long-term solutions and short-term relief. Do you want a better, more restorative night’s sleep? We have helped many achieve the sleep they need.

Agoura Hills, CA insomnia therapy may include…

Enhancing Your Sleep Environment. The environment in your bedroom can affect your sleep, making sleep more or less likely. Decreasing light and noise may lead to an environment that is more conducive for sleep. Ensuring your bedroom’s temperature is comfortable may help as well. There are many other environmental factors that our trained professional look at with their clients to optimizing their sleeping environment.

Learning and Practicing Relaxation Techniques. Waking in the night or being unable to fall asleep may induce anxiety or overwhelming thoughts. Negative thinking can flood people’s minds and exacerbate their sleeping problems. Our therapists have helped many clients channel their minds towards relaxing thoughts. This takes practice and a professional’s help.

Curbing Daytime Sleep and/or Rest. Day-time napping or staying in bed while awake can make insomnia worse. Our therapists and their clients work together, forming a plan that restricts daytime sleep and rest.

Logging Sleep. Our therapists and their clients work together, pinpointing the specific sleep problems each client faces. Our therapists do not apply random treatment to their clients. Instead, they know that insomnia can take many different forms, and a variety of problems may cause sleep disturbances. Keeping a sleep log allows our therapists to tailor their treatment to each individual.

Treating Related Medical Issues. While insomnia can occur by itself, other mental or physical health issues often accompany it. If insomnia co-occurs with another medical issue, then both the insomnia and the other medical issue need treatment. Our therapists want to see their clients receive the care they need for any presenting problems.

There is no easy fix for insomnia, but our therapists have helped many clients regain a better night’s sleep. Many clients have found that insomnia therapy was worth the effort and are now experiencing restful nights and productive days again.

Scheduling an Appointment

Dealing with insomnia is difficult, so we want to make scheduling an appointment for insomnia therapy as easy as possible. Agoura Hills, CA has convenient appointments available for insomnia therapy. We accept most insurance providers.

Sleep disturbances can feel lonely and overwhelming. Our therapists want to help their clients sleep well again. Call Agoura Hills, CA.

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