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Do you struggle with low self-esteem? Do you lack confidence in social settings? Have you ever felt that you are unlovable or that you are undeserving of affection? These feelings are common signs of low self-esteem. If you said “Yes” to any of these statements, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that as much as 85% of Americans live with some form of low self-esteem.

“How do I know if I have low self-esteem?”

There are many indicators that suggest that a person has low self-esteem, including:

  • Intense pressure to please others
  • An overwhelming desire to maintain a particular appearance
  • Perfectionism
  • Anxiety or fear in social settings
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Being overly-defensive
  • Body language (crossed arms or legs, lack of eye contact)
  • Compensating or apologizing for your weaknesses
  • Self-destructive behaviors (cutting, bullying, eating disorders)

At Thriveworks Lynchburg Self-Esteem Counseling, we can help you gain the confidence you’ve desperately wanted your whole life. We can help you overcome the feelings of inadequacy that have left you depressed, humiliated, isolated, and hopeless. Our trained counselors are ready to help you prepare for the negative attacks of low self-esteem and find the confidence you need to become the person you always dreamed you could be.

Let our caring therapists work with you to determine the underlying causes for your low self-esteem. Whether it’s depression, trauma, anxiety, substance abuse, or body image issues – our team is here to help! Call today to schedule your first appointment. (434) 528-3263

We all have a need to feel wanted, appreciated, and loved. These feelings are basic and are common to everyone. You deserve to confident – to feel comfortable in your own skin. We understand that overcoming low self-esteem takes time – it’s a process. We are prepared to help you through your healing journey. We’ll help you discover your strengths and find a new perspective on life.

Call Thriveworks Self-Esteem Counseling today. We offer convenient evening and weekend appointment times, and often within 24 hours. We take insurance, too; so the cost of your appointment is likely less than you anticipated. Don’t let low self-esteem hold you back another day! Call now to schedule your first appointment (434) 528-3263.

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