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Greensboro Counseling – Therapy, Mental Health, Life Coaching

Our lives are full of responsibilities and obligations. We cannot fail our children, our career, our extended family, even our pets. However, what we do tend to ignore very easily is our mental health and our relationships. When life gets very hectic, these are the first things to go by the wayside. We hope that both can hang on until we have find time to pay attention to them. This is all too often untrue. We take our kids to their annual check-ups, take our vitamins, and exercise. Why do we almost entirely ignore our mental health? When you call and connect with a Thriveworks Associate counselor or coach in Greensboro, you are taking the first step of making yourself, and your mental health, a priority. This change can benefit yourself, as well as your family and your relationships.

In the nonstop rush of life, focusing on yourself can be almost impossible. Get the kids to school, make lunches, get dinner on the table, finish that project at work, exercise, eat right, call your mom, connect with others; the list goes on and on of the things we feel obligated to do nearly every day. With this pace, we rarely have the chance to just stop, identify our goals, find the source of our possible discontentment, and begin the process of change. Thriveworks Associate coaches and counselors in Greensboro can help you make this a reality. We can be a listening ear, a hand to hold, and a shoulder to cry on. We are ready to put our expertise to work for you.

Coaching and counseling services are meant to enrich your life. Your time with your coach or counselor may be entertaining, fun, and a part of your week that you look forward to most. But real change is often painful. Your Thriveworks Associate counselor or coach in Greensboro will help you identify harmful or destructive patterns in your life, and guide you in the process of changing these things. Oftentimes, you are aware of the unhealthy aspects of your life, but simply need a trusted companion to help you make the needed change. We will walk beside you, help you identify your skills and talents, develop realistic and honest goals, create an action plan, and measure progress.

We have coaches and counselors in Greensboro standing by, ready to work with you. Thriveworks Associate counselors and coaches in Greensboro do not operate with a waiting list. Unlike many offices, when you call us for the first time, you will get an appointment within 24 hours. When you finally make the decision to reach out, the last thing that you want to hear is that the first available appointment is in a few weeks. We know how busy you are, and with respect to this, want to be available when we are needed. Thriveworks Associate counselors or coaches in Greensboro take our responsibility to you, as our client, very seriously. We will be committed to you, and to your personal growth.

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