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Marriage Counseling in Greensboro, NC

Unfortunately, a large percentage of marriages in the US end in divorce. For those couples who wish to avoid, or at least reduce the likelihood of divorce, couples or marriage therapy is often helpful! No relationship is perfect—conflict is a regular occurrence in most marriages. Many couples will encounter problems such as infidelity, sexual dissatisfaction, poor communication, or jealousy, amongst others. It is the response to these challenges that determines success in a relationship.

A good marriage, where both partners are exclusively committed to each other, keeps them healthier both physiologically and psychologically. –Abhijit Naskar

Persistent and unresolved conflict is one of the prime causes of divorce, a continuing tension in a relationship negatively affects happiness and in some cases even health. Many married couples attempt to manage these conflicts alone, often successfully. However, professional help from couples therapy or marriage counseling is frequently for the benefit of both partners. Couples often find that resolving their differences is much easier when a professional counselor guides their dialogue in an impartial manner—allowing both partners to gain some perspective on their relationship and become better communicators.

If you believe that your marriage could benefit from marriage counseling or couples therapy, consider reaching out to Thriveworks in Greensboro, NC. We have relationship experts on staff who would be delighted to help you. Just give our office a call.

What Is Marriage Counseling?

Improving communication to help facilitate conflict resolution is the key aim of couples and marriage counseling. Essentially, marriage counseling and couples therapy are designed to promote a joint effort, as both partners usually attend the counseling sessions. Here are a few major objectives:

  1. Staying calm whilst experiencing intense emotions
  2. Improving listening skills
  3. Negotiating with each other in a calm and constructive manner

Your therapist will aim to cover these topics in your sessions! They will also work to address the specific problems you and your partner are experiencing.

When To Seek Professional Marriage or Relationship Help?

The majority of people will view marriage counseling or couples therapy as the last resort strategy to save their relationship. Whilst this is often the case, therapy is regularly chosen by couples who just want to improve their relationship and prevent small conflicts from escalating into something more serious. Whether one is in an unsettled relationship or looking to develop an even more solid bond with the partner, marriage counseling or couples therapy might be the right route to take. Yet, one has to be aware that couples and marriage therapy does not offer simple solutions—a counselor is not there to tell partners what to do. The aim of the therapy is to allow them to reach conclusions on their own.

At Thriveworks Counseling in Greensboro, NC, we have worked with all manners of people—young couples, old couples, people facing very challenging conflicts, as well as individuals who merely want to work through some minor issues affecting their partnership. Thanks to this broad experience we understand how to best support our clients—no matter who they are or what problems they need help with. We believe that change is possible—do not hesitate to contact us today to arrange your first couples or marriage counseling session.

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Relationships aren’t easy—and they aren’t meant to be. It’s normal for us to argue, disagree, or encounter other challenges with the people closest to us. What really matters is how we work through and resolve these encounters. If you and your partner have tried to work through a problem—be it jealousy, trust issues, parenting disagreements, differing opinions, or another challenge entirely—to no prevail, consider working with a marriage counselor.

Marriage counselors are relationship experts with particular skills, training, and experience in helping married couples to improve or strengthen their marriage. This means working through specific challenges and also better preparing them for issues they might encounter down the road. Ultimately, marriage counseling can help you and your spouse to create a stronger foundation for your relationship—one that enables you to enjoy your marriage for many, many years to come.

To schedule marriage counseling at Thriveworks Counseling in Greensboro, NC, simply give our office a call. We’ll be here.

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