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Almost overnight children can change from being lively little kids to reserved and independent adolescents. During that time, teen’s brains are changing just as rapidly as the rest of their bodies and with that sometimes comes concerns over their changing behavior. It’s hard for parents to tell if those mood swings, extra hours in bed, or anxiety over social settings is normal teenage behavior or if it is cause for a closer look.

All those neurological changes happening in your teen can sometimes be a trigger for the onset of a mental illness. Depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders and behavioral disorders are all common mental health diagnoses at this age. If left unchecked without intervention by a teen counselor it could lead to academic, social and personal problems.

Knowing what to look for can be beneficial in getting your teen the help they need. Has your child:

  • Shown sudden and uncharacteristic changes in their behavior?
  • Shown fear or avoidance towards certain people or places?
  • Started making negative comments about their weight or appearance?
  • Become deliberately defiant?
  • Withdrawn themselves from their circle of friends?
  • Intentionally harmed themselves?
  • Started using or misusing drugs and alcohol?

Teen counselors have had experience helping teens and their families navigate the new challenges a mental health diagnosis can bring and they can successfully treat many different types of mental health disorders. Oftentimes, when symptoms are detected early and are properly treated, the outcomes can be very positive. Our qualified counselors can work with your teen to isolate the issues they are facing and give them strategies to help cope with them.

With the support and guidance from one of our trained teen counselors your child can begin to take steps towards a brighter future. Giving your teen the tools to move beyond the confines of their illness can help them make positive personal choices which can lead to greater independence and control. With the right support they can come through stronger and more able to deal with challenges to come.

Don’t let yourself or your teen get overwhelmed, we are here to help. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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