Discovering the Truth About Anger Counseling: Does it Help? Therapy in Greensboro

Many people who suffer from anger issues are weary of anger counseling. They feel like they’ve tried everything they can to get over their anger. They feel helpless and at the end of their rope. They’re tired of dealing with negative consequences. These are all valid and understandable feelings but the truth really is simple: anger counseling can help.

Why does anger counseling help?

For many people, the first step of anger counseling can make a huge difference. Essentially, clients must come to understand that the issue is not the anger itself. The issue is in the client’s reaction to their anger. Remember that anger isn’t bad by itself – it’s an emotion. Everyone experiences it. The issue is in the way it’s handled and reacted to.

Digging deep to find the cause at its core

One of the reasons people often can’t solve their anger problems on their own is that they can’t see the forest for the trees. They look only at the direct trigger and assume this is what’s making them angry. For example, they may be angry at their spouse and only look at what their spouse has done wrong.

An anger counselor can help them look more closely at the simple issue and unpack some of the complex issues. For example, a person who’s mad at their spouse for spilling a glass of milk may actually be mad at their spouse for something else entirely – or it may be that their spouse is simply the one around and the anger is stemming from somewhere else entirely.

Personalized help is the path forward

There’s plenty of generic, general advice out there on how people can deal with anger: count to ten, punch a pillow, take a walk, etc. Some of these tips may work for some people but the truth is that none of them will work for everyone. That is because the cause of anger is not the same for everyone. Only a one-on-one counseling session can assist a client in finding out exactly what the issue is. Thriveworks Greensboro Counseling & Coaching can provide that one-on-one assistance.

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