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How Do People Become Addicted To Alcohol? – Therapists in Charlotte

The question of how alcohol addiction develops is not a simple one to answer. Many people believe that it is purely genetic and passed down from one generation to the next. Whilst there is a grain of truth to this idea, it certainly isn’t the whole picture. The truth is that alcohol addiction is a complex disorder with a diverse range of environmental and psychological factors that affect its development. If we think of a car as an analogy – the addict’s genetics are the engine of the car and the environmental and psychological problems are the fuel that allows it to move.

The Health Implications Of Alcohol Addiction.

Despite the complexity of its development, alcohol abuse is one of the top lifestyle-related causes of death in the US. In America, 90,000 deaths every year are related to alcohol addiction and the average life expectancy of an addict is ten years less than the national average. These figures are all related to the fact that alcohol addicts experience much higher rates of liver disease (cirrhosis), heart disease, cancer and heart disease. For an addict, even the act of quitting has health implications – alcohol withdrawal syndrome can cause serious illness and lead to death.

The Process Of Recovery: Counseling Approach.

There are many different groups and methods for promoting recovery in addicts. One of the common themes shared amongst them is the idea that acceptance of the addiction is a primary requisite for recovery. The next stage is detoxification, the process of stopping one’s alcohol consumption, and finally rehabilitation. Throughout this process, it is always recommended that one seeks medical treatment and support from professional counseling services.

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